Here is the text of the AT&T Lotche commercial.  We asked our readers, does this make you want to switch to the AT&T wireless network and do the promotions may you want to consider buying a Samsung Galaxy S III.  Do the promotions make you proud to be an American? (answer in the comments section below, don't forget the Captcha)

"Luck doesn't get you to the Olympic Games, You can't wish your way onto the podium. You can't buy it or hope for it. It's not enough to dream about it. Luck didn't get me to London. I swam here."

2 thoughts on “AT&T Olympic Lochte Commercial - Samsung Galaxy S3 (III) Goes 4 Red/White/Blue with Music & More

  1. I only get excited about corporate sponsorship one is sponsoring something that I'm excited about. I do like that the Samsung gave money to save endangered animals. I don't like the Lotche commerical, it's too sweet. Yawn.

  2. Unfortunately, nonprofessional athletes cannot live without corporate sponsorship. We the technology big bucks to pay for it.

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