Samsung Galaxy Note: Handy S Pen Tips Copy/Paste How to from the Beach

View from Marion Davies PorchAs many of our readers know, we promised that we would write an entire article, using a Samung Galaxy Note.

So I sit, here, not at a noisy coffee house, but on the porch of the Marion Davies guest house on the beautiful Santa Monica beach.

I was originally going to write this piece by the side of the marble-edged pool with original hand-adorned tiles, however, we were kicked out of the pool. I'm using the WordPress app which is connected at all times to the web via the AT&T LTE network. The most important function I needed to accomplish my task to write the entire article with the stylus is copy/paste.

In Android 4.0 ICS to copy, you double tap with your fingers or the S Pen on a word until two blue triangular pointers appear. Then move the pointers by dragging the stylus over the words you want to copy, on the upper right corner there are two pages you tap for paste image.

Then tap where you want to paste the words, a blue triangle will appear. Tap on the triangle to to show the word paste in gray. Tap on the gray paste. The copied text will show.


If you are writing in portrait mode, you will only see symbols.  If you are writing in landscape mode, you will also see words with the symbols (see on the right).

If you want to remove the text when you copy it, tap on the scissors to cut the text. Go to the place you want to put the text an tap with the S Pen.

Then tap where you want to paste the words, a blue triangle will appear. Tap on the triangle to to show the word paste. Tap on paste and the words will appear.

The porch is in getting chilly. I'm going to move over to the chaise lounges around the pool.

There is another tip, you should know.  The backspace or erase button will erase the all the words you entered the same as long as they are underlined.

A few times today, I tapped the erase without tapping on the screen text area and lost whole sentences. The same is true for a quick pen stroke backwards to the left in the handwriting area. The backstroke in this instance is not in the pool it works as a backwards erase.

Underneath the umbrella, I can see the Samsung Galaxy Note screen, fine. In direct sunlight, it's a little harder to see. I also found that I have to cross the capital T after making the stalk and a little wider to make sure It is recognized correctly.

A lifeguard notices the Samsung Galaxy Note, he asks," That's some phone. What is that?"

He ogles, my hands as I write this entire article with the S Pen.

Another lifeguard comments, "That's sick." (which in beach linqo means that's slick.)

He asks, "How much is it?"

From Amazon for renewing customers the AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note is $159 and then monthly depends.on your data plan.WiMo News also has a fifty dollar off coupon for new customers. The T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note is sold-out online.

''I'm goinq to qet get one. It's ginormous. I like that pen thing better than my iPhone!" The lifeguard exclaims, his bronze face gleaming like he just surfed a huge rad wave.

Samsung may have lost in court, however the Samsung Galaxy Note won over an iPhone customer.

Author's Note: This entire article was written and edited using the S Pen on a Samsung Galaxy Note. Some screenshots were added in the evening, when I got home. I had to stop writing at the beach because my eye was tearing after it was irritated by sunscreen. All photographs were taken at the beach and uploaded directly to the website.

Read general handwriting to text tips for the Samsung Galaxy Note, compare to Samsung Galaxy S III, see video shot on Note and all recent Note articles.image

For today, the gorgeous pool, at the Annenberg Recreation Center in Santa Monica was my office.  Would you like to work here?

The pool used to be the personal pool in the backyard of the Marion Davies estate when she was married to William Randolf Hearst (a publisher).  As publisher of WiMo News, I think Bill would have been amazed by me filing a story in his own backyard by his favorite water hole.

9 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Note: Handy S Pen Tips Copy/Paste How to from the Beach”

  1. All cool dudes need a big phone nowadays while surfing, we have to weather apps and S Beam the girls our photos. Moon Doggie noticed that there is not S Beam on the SG NOTE. What's a surfer to do?

  2. That pen thing is like totally awesome. Then I wouldn't. have to use my big calloused hands for texting. I could write my homework on the Note and then surf every afternoon. Love that beach, but the waves are kind of lame

  3. I was thinking about getting a Samsung Galaxy Note but supposedly they're going to announce and other Note soon. My contract is up at Christmas. How big should I go?

    • After the announcement it will probably be a few months before release. There's also the latest verdict. It all depends on how badly you need it.Some people need the phablet size.

  4. The Samsung Galaxy Note looks like a Ginormous iPhone, that's why they lost the lawsuit.The iPhone doesn't have the S Pen, which makes it a whole other kind of smartphone that more like a tablet. We envy you, for the size of your phone and pen (or maybe its hould pen-is for penis-minus the "is"-envy.)

    That beach house is really nice, but gets crowded in the summer.

  5. I still love my iPhone. But that pen could win me over. It depends what Apple announces in September. What's the battery life on that thing?

  6. I take my iPad to the beach sometimes, but I'm don'r always have data access. I'm afraid someone would steal it. The Note you can take more places, except in the pool.

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