Droid DNA Confirmed Release Date B4 Preorders of Samsung Galaxy Note 2?

DroidDNA HanoutIf you want to hangout with the newest Droid,you can view it before its launch by joining the Verizon Wireless circle on Google +. Verizon Wireless has revealed the name of the next Droid, the Droid DNA on its website with an invite.

On the Droid Does website from Verizon Wireless it states:

"11.11.12 — Experience the newest DROID before its public launch. Add Verizon Wireless to a circle on Google+ for an exclusive invite to our Hangout on Air Unboxing Event. "

On Monday November 19 at 9:00 AM PST, the newest Droid will be revealed. At one point it was referred to as the Droid DNA, now it's just called "newest."

Phone Dog will do the exclusive unveiling.  You will probably be able to see the Droid DNA after the Verizon announcement in New York on November 13 via the media. No announcement has bee made, yet, we suspect the Droid DNA will be available in time for black Friday, November 23.

Leaked training materials suggest the Droid DNA will have a 5 " HD screen, 8MP camera and HTC Sense. It most like will have Wi-Fi, Bluteooth, GPS and it should have DLNA to go with its name.

The closest competitor to the Droid DNA will be the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 which is available for preorder ($299) will ship by November 27. Therefore it is not clear which phabulous phablet will be out first.


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  1. FYI, on verizons google plus page it says that "you can see a live unboxing the day before it's released." Meaning it will be launched on the 20th.

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