Samsung Galaxy S3 (III) and Note 2 (II) News Tips & Big League Minority Twist?

LeBron Samsung Galaxy Note 2While the Samsung marketing machine churns out celebrity endorsements, videos and tips, sales are growing quickly. Samsung is beating out Apple by playing a different game that is more ethnically diverse.

The Samsung Galaxy S III model  has garnered over 30 million sales in five months since its debut in May beating out its predecessor the Samsung Galaxy S II which sold 10 million devices in hundred 50 days.  The well-reviewed Samsung Galaxy S3 has been one of  WiMo News' most popular smartphones for tips and tricks.

So far only the Sprint Samsung Galaxy S III has been updated to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean while the price of the Samsung Galaxy S III has been reduced greatly by

Research firm IDC reported Samsung was the top maker in the global smartphone market in the July-September third quarter with 56.3 million sales, more than double Apple's 26.9 million iPhone sales.

The Samsung Galaxy Note II, the second phabuolus phablet, sold 3 million units in just one month since it world-wide release. Samsung sold over 10 million of the original Samsung Galaxy Note phablets in the first nine months of sale.

When the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 was announced at an event in New York City, Kanye West performed. In Hollywood Christina Aguilera, Liam Hemsworth and Octavia Spencer noted their favorite Note 2 features.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 spokesman is NBA player LeBron James who is seen in a commercial using the Samsung Galaxy Note II.   When he lifts the SG Note 2 to his ear, it actually looks like a small phone. It makes sense since he is 6'8" tall and weighs 250 lbs that he would dwarf the Samsung Galaxy Note II's 5.5" screen. His kids draw a funny hair style on a picture of him. At Escobar's barber shop he watches a video. He listens to music on his way to the game. Tweets a photo of his gold shoes and is cheered in 90 second video that follows.

Many of the A-List celebs who promote the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 are African American or Hispanic.  We suspect that Samsung has found a great market.  Previous studies showed that both African Americans and English speaking Latinos are as likely as whites to own any sort of mobile phone, and are more likely to use their phones for a wider range of activities.

Jimmy Kimmel Lives' Guillermo in a Samsung Galaxy Note II commercial has a tablet and phone bump into each other can share videos by bumping phones  and want to make a sexy baby. Meanwhile Apple advertised it's new iPad mini with blank white space.

LeBron James missed our favorite feature of the Samsung Galaxy Note which is handwriting recognition.The handwriting recognition was so good using the S Pen on the original Samsung Galaxy Note, I was able to take one and write an entire article at  at the beach. Compare the Samsung Galaxy Note II vs original SG Note.

Features of the Samsung Galaxy Note II include Android Jelly Bean, quad core 1.6 1.6GHz processor, 16GB storage on board, microSD slot, 8MP camera with built-in flash, S Pen, front 2MP camera, Bluetooth, 3100 Ah battery, mobile hotspots, Wi-Fi and S Pen.

The Samsung Galaxy Note II is now available from Sprint, T-Mobile, AT&T and U.S. Cellular. Verizon Wireless preorders are set for November 27 delivery. Chitika insights showed a strong start for the Samsung Galaxy Note II web usage with T-Mobile in the lead at 53%, followed by Sprint 42% and U.S. Cellular at 5%.

This list price for the T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note II  with certain plans is $369.99, Wirefly has a special deal  $279.99 for new and upgrades.  Most other carriers show a list price of $299 with a contract.

We ask our readers does the racially diverse marketing by Samsung, make you like their products more or less?

9 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S3 (III) and Note 2 (II) News Tips & Big League Minority Twist?”

  1. People of color use smartphones a lot more than those pale white guys in iPhone commercials. I don't remember seeing ethnic people in any iPhone or Mac ad.

  2. They should have LaBron do a drop test, because he's so tall. Basketball pros travel all over the country, they need a great phone/phablet.

  3. I don't think the Samsung Commercial with Guillermo is fair representation Latin Americans, he's very silly and the brunt of jokes. I'd like to see someone more sophisticated.

    I'm so immune now to race, it doesn't sway me one way or another, I just want it to work well.

  4. When I first saw the commercial I didn't know who LaBron was, I don't follow basketball. I think it illustrates some great features. It's weird though, he makes the SG Note 2 look smaller than it is. For me itis bigger than my hands can carry.

    As an Asian American, I personally don't like the portrayal of Asian women with white men in many recent commercials.

    I think they always show men has having hot phones and the women with pink toy things.

    I'm no African American but the video of LaBron does have an endearing quality to it.

    I also wouldn't buy something based on Guillermo's drag act, though.

    I need to know the facts.

  5. Being a dumb white guy, I really didn't get the whole scene. However I think it does illustrate the features of the Samsung Galaxy Note II. I laughed at the Jimmy Kimmel co, too.

    The videos aren't racial but cultural. I'm not into the whole jock culture.

    I do like to watch videos and will check it out. Will it fit in my pants pocket?

  6. That's the whole problem with the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, it looks really big in your pockets and can fall out, especially in jeans pockets.

    I think you are better off with cargo pants or special pocket Dockers for the SG Note 2. The fact that it is less wide than the original SG Note makes it a better fit.

    I'm thinking about getting a case for my belt, then it wouldn't matter and I'll look super geek chic.

  7. It's not about race. It's about who's got the money. Show me the money. BB players spend a lot of money on women and phones.

  8. That is one huge phone. before I buy one I will have to check it out to see his is too big for me. It doesn't matter to me if a big basketball star uses something. What is more important is if the smartphone or phablet does what I need it to do.

    Women have the advantage when buying something this big because we carry around huge purses. Guys with small pockets may find it too big for their pants.

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