Boost Mobile Boosts Holiday Moods with Funny E-Cards & 40$ Off Offers

Boost Mobile Gazpacho DayHappy Gazpacho Day,  Boost Mobile is going all out for holidays, in fact, there’s a holiday every day of the month.  Boost is offering 31, shareable holiday carol e-cards. Sharing requires Facebook and popups to be enabled.

In the mean time Boost Mobile is offering Deals to get your Claus on.  with $40 off select Android phones  starting Wednesday December 5,

Each carol card features Santa and his elves with a unique carol of original music to celebrate days like “Cotton Candy Day,” “Noodle Ring Day,” and “Wear a Plunger on your Head Day.”

Our favorite is the day after Christmas which is Whiner's Day.

There's also Festival for the Souls of Dead Whales Day, Ding-A-Ling Day and Bouillabaisse Day.  Anyone who shares a carol card will also receive a special promo code with an exclusive discount.

Boost Mobile offers the $55 Android Monthly Unlimited plan with Shrinking Payments. For every six on-time payments, the cost of Boost Mobile’s Monthly Unlimited plan shrinks by $5, eventually getting down to as low as $40 a month for unlimited nationwide talk, text and picture messaging, web, email and calls to 411. Payments do not need to be consecutive to qualify for the next savings milestone.