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ATT Top Best Coolest Hottest SmartphonesAT&T was the first carrier to sell the iPhone and still offers subsidized smartphones to customers with grandfathered unlimited data accounts. This year's best smartphones after surveying the top best sources, prorated, offered some surprises and also insight into the wireless business as a whole.

So far, we've completed the best smartphone from Consumer Reports, T-Mobile, DT, HTC, Droid, Motorola, Sprint, AT&T, Verizon, trends, sales figures and the best for 2012.

The AT&T best smartphone list is the most varied out of all the carriers.  The list includes the most Windows Phones, two phablets and  many options.  It is also the second list to have two iPhone models in the top ten. AT&T is the only carrier list to include a rugged phone that is - waterproof in 1m for 30 mins.  We also noticed that AT&T offers some the cheapest most powerful smartphones with a contract.

AT&T has extended its return policy for holiday gifts, but not as long as Verizon Wireless' policy.

The also-rans include the original Samsung Galaxy Note (compare to Note 2), Pantech Burst,  Samsung Rugby Smart(rugged waterproof)  LG Escape LG and the recently updated Motorola Atrix HD ( the best Motorola phone at AT&T)

The top ten best phones on AT&T compiled and prorated by Wireless and Mobile News' Review of Reviews are in reverse order:

10. HTC 8X HTC (Win Phone) - priced at$99 or 1 cent at Amazon  the HTC 8X features Windows integration, ease of use and live tiles.

9. Sony Xperia TL - noted for its super  MP camera with great Tools, the 4.6" Reality display is like a Sony Bravia TV and connects well to Sony TVs. It is Play Station certified for gaming and used by James Bond.  It is currently priced at $49.99 with a contract at Amazon.

8. Samsung Galaxy Note II- this well reviewed phablet offers the best of smartphone action along with almost tablet size with an S Pen that lets you draw, clip, type, write, scroll and more.  Amazon  has reduced the price to as low as $179.99. Compare Samsung Galaxy Note II vs Samsung Galaxy S III.

7. Nokia Lumia 920 - the latest Windows Phone 8 in bright colors with live tiles and lively ads. Its features nclude 4.5" touchscreen, 2000mAh battery, Nokia Maps, GPS, wireless charging, Microsoft SkyDrive, free Nokia Streaming music service, dual-core Snapdragon processor, 1GB RAM and 32GB of storage. The Lumia 920 spokesmodel is Will Arnett  and  can be purchased for $39.99 for new and $69.99 for renewing customers at Amazon with a contract.

6. Nokia Lumia 900 - the first major Nokia Windows Phone release, earlier this year, available for as little as a penny. It withstood a hammer, has some issues which have been fixed and was advertised with "The Smartphone Beta Test is Over" ads.

5. iPhone 4S - the iPhone without LTE, it appeared in the 2011 best smartphone list and kept on selling throughout the year. The only place where we could find a discount  is $50 off until January 15 at Best Buy Top Best Sprint Smartphone: Samsung Galaxy S3, iPhone 5, HTC EVO, Note 2 vs LTE .

4. LG Optimus G - Reviewers liked the battery life, fast quad-core  processor, 4G LTE, beautiful screen, excellent benchmark tests. The AT&T LG Optimus G Best Smartphones LG Connects Spectrum to Nexus 4 & Optimus G priced at  $99.99 at Amazon. com for new customers and upgrades with a contract. It is the best LG smarpthone of the year.

3.  HTC One X & +- the best HTC phone of the year.  The first version was delayed due to a patent battle with Apple. The latest version the HTC One X + with Android Jelly Bean, has more power with quad-core processor. The HTC One X + Best Smartphones: HTC 8x, Droid DNA, HTC EVO 4G LTE & HTC One X is on Amazon where it is discounted to $129.99 for new and  $169.99 for renewing accounts.

 2.iPhone 5 - the best iPhone ever, reviewers went "meh" over its now classic software.  The iPhone 5 remains a big seller due to its extended screen size and one-handed use.  The only discount we found  on an iPhone is $50 off until January 15 at Best Buy.

1. Samsung Galaxy S III- the best reviewed, the most advertised, the most updated, the phone of Olympians,  the phone with the most celebrity endorsements, fun tip videos and best parties for owners.  The Samsung Galaxy S III was the first smartphone to out sell the iPhone over the summer. The price for AT&T model has gone as low as $79.99 a price a new iPhone has never come close to.

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4 thoughts on “AT&T Best Phones 2012”

  1. the iPhone 5 should've one. It is the best phone because it is the easiest to use and you don't have to worry about other other things like learning how to use it. Android is too wild and out of control. If you want a big phone get a tablet. I still love my iPhone anyway even though it just lost by .27. Happy holidays.

    I one let you know that I really enjoyed your deep insight into the business. These list must take forever to make but it gives me a really good idea of what I want to buy and why. I also like that you find the best price and that you even found a lower price for the iPhone 5. Unfortunately I already have the iPhone 5.

    I don't like Sprint for the iPhone 5 because of its lack of 4G LTE. Since I'm an original AT&T iPhone owner I'm going to have to stay with AT&T all the way. AT&T has gotten much better over the years even though I don't like its return policy.

  2. Motorola is not as popular as it used to be but they still make strong solid phones with nano coating. they are becoming more and more pure Google with very fast updates. Motorola doesn't spend half as much money on advertising and it shows. Motorola needs to get its act together. Samsung is a tough act to follow as is the iPhone. I do like the choices provided by AT&T but I'm not ready to go to a Windows phone yet.

  3. LG products are really good if you like them. The market is overcrowded with just you many smart phones. It's overwhelming to the average person. Most of them don't a very good phone calls at all.

  4. I told you so. the Samsung Galaxy S III is one of the best phones ever made. It's light, it's pretty, it let you talk to each other it's got special software and was used in the Olympics what else could you want?

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