Fleksy Offers Better Keyboard for Blind & Seeing

Justin from FleksyAt CES in the Innovations area, we were given a demo by a blind person who was able to type on the screen of an iPhone as if it were a physical keboard.  The Fleksy keyboard is very different from other on-screen keyboards. The Beta version of Android is available for download while the iPhone version is in the App store.(video follows) 

Fleksy makes it possible to type accurately without even looking at the screen by using predictive text.

Flksy claims that "Syntellia's autocorrect engine and interface are so powerful and intuitive that visually impaired users have been able to type as easily as sighted people through Fleksy on a touch screen device. Our patent pending technology does not need accuracy - just tap on the screen and Fleksy will automatically detect the word you meant to enter, even if you have missed every single key."

Justin who is in the video, is blind and he said that he can type with Fleksy at twenty to thirty words a minute as compared to 7 words a minute with other on-screen keyboards.  As he types the word, he hears options to select which we couldn't hear in the loud convention ballroom. There are also audio menus and a way to listen to text, which you can then email, text message, Tweet or copy the text.

The sizing of the letter is seems larger than other keyboards and also easier to see.