Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (II) Tips How to Cut out Head for BDay Cards & Greetings

Face Cut Out Samsung Galaxy Note II How toAt CES, the Samsung booth had many great demonstrators showing all the neat features of the Samsung Galaxy Note II.  We asked Terrence Blunt to show us how to cut out a head  on a photograph so to that you can draw on it or send it as Birthday card or via any other sharing methods. (video follows)

There's a cute Birthday card example that is shown in the S Note section on the Galaxy Note II.  Samsung was also using this feature to send to special printers to print the enhanced photos on mugs or T-shirts, this was one of the most popular places at CES. The lines were very long and people loved the idea of editing photos and then having keepsake mugs or T-shirts to take home.

This video shows how to take photo from the gallery, cut out the head, draw on it, write on it and send it to friends.

  • First you can take a photo of yourself with the camera.
  • Open up the photo in Photo Gallery.
  • You take the S Pen press and hold the button and draw a circle around the face and until the dotted outline connects.
  • Tap it and save it to the clip board.
  • Tap the plus icon to bring up new S Note.
  • Hover the S Pen over the insert item icon next to the microphone.
  • Tap insert item from clipboard.
  • Chose the face with the S Pen.
  • The face is in the S Note, you can move it around with the S Pen holding and dragging it.
  • Resize the image by dragging the S Pen on the points of the frame of the  image.
  • You can also rotate the image, with the S Pen.
  • If you make a mistake you can tap the back button to go back.
  • Tap the pen, paint brush tool, select the color.
  • You can write a note on the page via the S Pen or via text and the keyboard.
  • Save the file with a  name.
  • Told and hold you have options for sharing, Image file or PDF.
  • Chose how you want to send it.
  • Open the S Note app by tapping on the S Note icon.
  • Insert object
  • Chose face, resize it, move it around.
  • Back button lets you.
  • Taps outside.
  • Select
  • Save it
  • From S Note hold it, share via or tap on Share icon image or PDF and can send it email format. Options include Dropbox, GroupCast, Bluetooth share, Wi-Fi Direct, MMS, Gmail, Email, Voicemal, Flipboard or Google+.

The Samsung Galaxy Note II can easily understand handwriting recognition, see video. In fact with the Original Samsung Galaxy Note, I wrote an entire article at the beach with the S Pen.