Best Touchy Reasons to Buy a Nokia Lumia 920 Can Work with Gloves, Power Driver, Pear, Flower or Pencil

Nokia Lumia 920 with Pear, Power Driver, Pencil & GlovesThe Nokia Lumia 920 was named the best Windows Phone for 2012. We have had some fun testing  new more powerful very touchy touchscreen that can be used with gloves on or fingernails along with some surprising objects.

The Nokia Lumia 820 and 920 are the first smartphones  to use a new advanced multi-touch experience based on  Synaptics ClearPad capacitive touchscreen sensing technology.

ClearPad Series 3 technology optimizes the touch by automatically detecting the presence of skin, gloved fingers, or fingernails, giving users a seamless multi-touch experience regardless of input methods, noted a news release from Synaptics. It also senses a graphite pencil, power driver, flower and pear. Video follows.

ClearPad Series 3 offers up to 10 finger full-time tracking and fast refresh rates, with industry leading signal-to-noise-ratio (SNR).

So why is this a good reason to get a Nokia Lumia 920?

Some people don't always have hands without gloves to use a touchscreen phone professions such as those in construction, in cold climates, florists, hair dressers, artists,  and those in food service can still use the Nokia Lumia 920 without taking off gloves.  A florist can grab the nearest flower and operate the Nokia Lumia 920.  While making a fruit salad a chef can grab a pear and still read the latest Wireless and Mobile News articles.

As we noted in a previous demonstration, the  Nokia Lumia 920 video camera offers image stablization and did the best job of stabilizing images of Rose Parade float decorating.

We are working on setting up our video studio for video of smartphones and playing with very technical settings.  We have a pre-release of video we shot showing the Nokia Lumia 920 working with many different objects.

The Windows Phone interface is larger and easier than most Android phones.  Even while shooting video, the Nokia Lumia has a huge minute and second timer to show how much video has been taken.

Windows Phones like the Nokia Lumia 920 have different touch styles to meet the needs of more touchy users.

Features of the Nokia Lumia 920 include 4.5" touchscreen, 2000mAh battery, Nokia Maps, GPS, wireless charging, Microsoft SkyDrive, free Nokia Streaming music service, dual-core Snapdragon processor, 1GB RAM and 32GB of storage.

 Microsoft is really trying to make a smartphone that is easier to use, in fact entreprenuer Mark Cuban said on Reddit that the "Nokia Lumia 920 crushes the iPhone 5".  The sassy ads ask  to work for Will Arnett you can buy the Nokia Luma 920  for as little as $99.99 for new customers and for renewing AT&T customers from Amazon.

Is there any other non-human object that you can use with your Nokia Lumia 920? Please let us know.

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