Nokia Lumia 920 Updates Nokia Maps, Music, Drive & Lens

Nokia Lumia 920 UpdatesThere are a few updates for the Nokia Lumia 920 that can be completed over-the-air (OTA) that add news features and update others. The updates can bee completed all at once through the Windows Phone App Store along as you have Microsoft account. (video follows)

Make sure that you have time to wait for the various downloads and your phone is at least 50% charged.

The updates to core Nokia apps and perks are the following:

  • Nokia Maps.
  • Nokia Music.
  • Nokia Here City Lens
  • Nokia Drive.
  • Audio.
  • Extra and info.
  • Display and touch.
  • Feedback to Nokia.

To update these Nokia apps and new A&T apps on your Nokia 920.

  • Tap the update tile with the Windows Phone Store shopping bag on it.
  • Once at the store tap on update, you can scroll through the different apps and read what the update entails.
  • Tap on update all apps.
  • Enter your Microsoft account and password.
  • The update process takes a few minutes depending upon how much data has to be downloaded for each update.

If you haven't tried out the free Nokia Music service there are lots of new songs and hits to listen to.

Be careful an don't try to factory reset your Nokia Lumia 920 there are reports of the phone becoming totally "bricked" and useless following factory reset,  full update or battery drain. The screen freezes while the gear is on the screen during the boot after the reset.