Samsung Galaxy S4 Bested by Nexus 4 Buzz

Samsung Galaxy S 4/Nexus 4There are some tasty tidbits that were revealed today about the Samsung Galaxy S4. In the latest bogusazzi and conjecturatti efforts to reveal more information and specs of the next next big thing.  We're pretty sure it will be full featured, but we won't know exactly what it features until the big reveal in Times Square on March 14.

Think Before You Leak

Yes a photo that was mere mock-up was taken as a real shot of the next big hot shot smartphone from Samsung. The photo Tweeted by Evo Leaks was a fake, faux shot  in the dark along with speculated unconfirmed specs made to look like it came from Samsung itself. The leaked photos of the Samsung Galaxy S4 was de-Tweeted and deleted.

Bring on the Petro Chemicals

Meanwhile, a Samsung EVP was completely mis-quoted as to confirm that the case of the Samsung Galaxy S4 would be made of plastic. Y.H. Lee EVP of Samsung mobile told CNET that when selecting materials for phones the company review how fast the product can be made and ship in high volume.  Plastic is light and more durable because it bend.

Yesterday, we saw a teaser video starring a kid and report that the S4 would have eye scrolling. One reporter called the latest teaser video a hyperbolic mess. Let's hope the phone itself is not a mess. We however believe that the Samsung Galaxy S4 will have some kid-friendly features.

Many suspect that the specs of the Samsung Galaxy S 4 will have star power, more power, full HD screen and special software.  The S4 may end the use of Roman Numerals on Samsung S series smartphones.

Galaxy Not as Trendy a Nexus

The Google Trends report for the "interest over time" for the Samsung Galaxy S4 is growing quickly.  It does however confuse it with the related terms such as the Nexus 4.  The Samsung marketing machine needs to get into gear people are still searching for and buying the best unlocked phone on the market today the Nexus 4. On Monday,  the Nexus 4 had a ranking of 42 and the Samsung Galaxy S4 received a ranking of 6. Reviewers of the Nexus 4 praised its price but it lacks LTE is sells-out frequently do to shortages, which may not have happened if it had more plastic. See Nexus 4 video tips.

The Nexus 4 is probably not as powerful as the Samsung Galaxy S 4 but it is unlocked and relatively cheaper. Do yo think the Nexus 4 is your number 4 phone? The Samsung Galaxy S 4 or will you wait for the Nexus 5? Let us know in the comments.

5 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S4 Bested by Nexus 4 Buzz”

  1. The 4 in nexus 4 is for the size not the version. So I'm not sure I'll wait for the nexus 5...

  2. Ummm...the Nexus 4 is 4.7 inches. And it's the 4th incarnation of Nexus phones (after Nexus One, Nexus S, Galaxy Nexus).

    That would make you wrong. Twice.

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  4. 4 in Nexus 4 most likely refers to the screen size as Nexus 7 is a 7 inch tablet and nexus 10 has got a 10.1 inch screen

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