Best Cheapest, Phone, iPad Android Tax 2012 Apps with Free E-File

Whoa look up at the calendar, taxes are due next Monday, April 15 and you better get your apps ready. Most software is free, the filing of federal or sate taxes may cost you. We've found the cheapest filing fees for you.

We've used many of the products in different versions.  The newest app that seems promising is TaxACT's DocVault, to help you keep track of your documents before you complete your tax preparation. All of the tax apps come with support, audit support and highest refund guarantees.Cheapest Tax AppCheapest Deals - Free Federal Filing

TaxACT is best known for offering free federal filing and software, you only pay for state software.  Although TaxAct doesn't have a free filing app from your phone, you can save documents from smartphones.  TaxACT offers the least expensive free tablet app.

TaxACT Free Federal Tablet - you can file your federal taxes FREE with TaxACT Free Federal Edition on your tablet.  Free to download, prepare, print and e-file. For simple & complex tax returns. Available for Android and iPad. Sate return costs $14.95 includes unlimited online and email support, which could be too late for procrastinators.

TaxACT Deluxe for tablets received Editor's Choice priced at $9.99. Tablet app users can upgrade to TaxACT Deluxe risk-free at any time. It includes import of last year's TaxACT return, TaxTutor, form previews and unlimited tech support phone support.

TaxACT DocVault - DocVault enables users to create digital copies of tax documents and information for free. images can be uploaded to TaxACT's secure servers throughout the year, where they are encrypted and saved. Users can store up to 3GB of tax images.. The documents then can be securely imported in TaxACT Deluxe.

TaxACT Central - helps you get organized, check the status of filing, create accounts, ask questions and get reminders.

Next Cheapest Prep & Filing Apps from iPhone or Android

The free H&R Block 1040EZ app for Android and iPhone in allows you to file a 1040EZ from your phone. You take a photo of your W-2 forms with your phone and import it into your return.  This app is for single or married filing a joint return, an  income of $100,000 or less, rent or lease  and no dependents. Federal and State Returns for Android and iPhone prepared for free, pay $9.99 for efile.

TurboTax's SnapTax is for people who don’t own a home, only have W-2, interest, or unemployment income and earned less than $100K in 2012 ($120K if married). You take photos of your W-2 forms. $24.99 to e-file with state included.

The H&R Block at Home 2012 for iPad (FREE), lets you prepare, print and e-file simple tax returns from your iPad for free. Free preparation, federal e-file free.  Ssimple tax return excludes self-employment income (Schedule C), rental and royalty income (Schedule E), farm income (Schedule F) and shareholder/partnership income or loss (Schedule K-1). State filing $29.99 -$39.99.

TurboTax for iPad walks you through your taxes step by step and double checks for every credit and deduction. You can take a photo of your W-2 (new iPad only), answer simple questions, and then e-file. Prices start at $29.99 federal and the state is an additional fee.

The H&R Block app  to check the status of a refund, find a nearby office, set an appointment or read tax tips, get answers to the most popular tax questions and view checklist. Free.


  •  Keep records of everything in more than one place and makes copies.
  • If your taxes are on your phone or tablet, makes sure that the device is password protected.
  • Do not file your taxes from an n0n-secure open Wi-Fi connection, tax fraud is rampant.
  • Hide your passwords for your tax software and e-filing.
  • The IRS has three years to give you a refund, three years to audit your tax return, and ten years to collect any tax due.
  •  There is No Statute of Limitations: if there is a "willful attempt to evade or defeat tax laws", there is no statute of limitations for assessment.  The IRS can audit your return at anytime if they can prove fraud or evasion.
  • gives you access to all tax forms including 4868 to file an extension. You still have to pay your taxes, but you have until October to file your forms.