GS 4 Review of News: Galaxy Expands Carriers, Colors & Release Dates

The Samsung Galaxy S 4 has been in the news for several reasons this week.  While Samsung is surely in the black for selling so many GS 4s, AT&T will see red, soon.  Consumer Reports loves the latest Galaxy.  Leap Wireless is leaping on the bandwagon. Jennifer Lopez's Viva Movil  GS 4 and Verizon Wireless GS 4 go on sale today for $199.99.*

The Samsung Galaxy S 4 may topple the iPhone empire in sales, soon.  Samsung has sold over 10 million GS 4s  in one month after its release for a new Galaxy record in the world.

Cricket Wireless will start selling the GS 4 with an ad campaign selling it for $599.99 with Muve Music and financing options.  $54.99 down at purchase plus monthly payments. Cricket will offer LTE data.  The release date in set for June 7 in-stores and online. The Samsung Galaxy S4 is available on Cricket's 4G LTE Android Muve Music Double Data service plans that offer, for a limited time, double the monthly full speed data allowance offered in 3G rate plans.

Consumer Reports gave the GS 4 its highest rating formerly held by the LG Optimus G calling it the most advanced Android smartphone with top-notch performance and excellent camera.  They liked the glove enabled and cold weather use of the touchscreen, mutlitasking, IR remote and  gesture controls.

AT&T will celebrate Flag Day, June 14 with the release Samsung Galaxy S 4 in red. Preorders start online on Friday, May 24. It looks to be the same color red as the popular Samsung Galaxy S III red, launched last year.

 Yesterday, Jennifer Lopez launched the Viva Movil service, reselling Verizon Wireless service, which is cheaper than the Verizon Wireless pricing on plans.  Verizon Wireless is selling the GS 4 for $199 after a $50 rebate card, while Viva Movil is selling the GS 4 for $199 up front.  The plans are the same price as Verizon Share Everything plans, but without the debit card, rebate.  When we looked at Verizon online the price due for the Samsung Galaxy S 4 was $199.99 when we put in the cart.

We have a call out to Verizon Wireless PR reps to find out if the price from Verizon Wireless for the Samsung Galaxy S 4 is now $199.99 with no rebate required.  We will update this article when we hear back from them.  They may be en route.

GG 4 VZW CheckoutThe Samsung Galaxy S 4 is proving to be the most popular smartphone of the summer with releases across carriers.  The compact 5" touchscreen, massive cool factor ad campaign along with tons of Samsung software, make it a iPhone  rival for now.