Text Deps & Withdrawals from Wells Fargo Bank ATMs

WellsfargoATMWells Fargo announced ATM receipts via text messages.

Wells Fargo customers now have the choice to have an ATM receipt sent to their mobile phone by text, to an Online Banking inbox or to a designated personal e-mail account.

You can also pick "Print Receipt" or "No Receipt" at Wells Fargo ATMs.

This move to text receipts should save paper receipts, but may be a problem if you lose your phone.

"Wells Fargo ATM receipt" which will include a description of the transaction, which account was used, available balance for the account, the time and date of the transaction and the identification number of the ATM.

To list your cell phone number with the service  update your mobile phone number with Wells Fargo by talking to a banker at your local branch, at Wellsfargo.com, or by calling  1-800-TO-WELLS.