LG Optimus G Pro Update from AT&T How-To

The LG Optimus G Pro is getting an update with new video/camera, notifications and better management features. The update is also called the "Value Pack."

The update also includes new ways to better manage applications, battery usage and data usage: 

  • Dual camera allows owners to take photos with the front and rear cameras at the LG Optimus G Prosame time.
  • Video pause and resume allows for pausing a recording and starting it back up while keeping it one video file.
  • Smart video pauses the video being watched when the user looks away from the screen and starts it when the eyes return to the screen.
  • Text keypad lets the LG Optimus G Pro act as keyboard for input for LG smart TVs.
  • Unused Apps notifies the user if an app has not been used for a certain period so it can be un-installed and save space.
  • It also includes shortcuts in the AT&T folder to get directly to the battery and data usage screens.  From there  you can proactively manage applications that are consuming data and utilizing more battery than I would like.
  • Customized home button LED alerts.

Access Unused Apps by going to Settings>Apps>Menu>Unused Apps.

 Download the update while connected to Wi-Fi by selecting Menu > Settings >General. Then select About phone > Software update > Update Now and follow the prompts.

source: AT&T