Top Best: BlackBerry, Walmart iPhone, Galaxy S 4, Moto X, Xperia Z, HTC One & ATIV

As we celebrated the birth of the U.S.A. wireless news finally showed a product "assembled" in this country, along with secure services for all smartphone users, new Windows tablets, sales figures, iPhone 5 deals, Google editions, and new speculations.

Enterprise managers can now use BlackBerry Work Space for iPhone and Android to create separate work and personal areas of management, along with other enterprise features.

TopTen BEST read newsWireless NewsIn a WiMo News exclusive, Nokia Lumia 928's social engagement  showed a big rebound for Nokia.

The Samsung ATIV Tab 3 & ATIV Q Releases are Window tablets with a hybrid of Samsung Galaxy Tab and Note-like features.

We are getting a few dribs and drabs about what the next Nexus 5, 7, 11 game console and watch will be like. Release dates are anywhere from coming soon to later in summer or fall.

The sales of the Samsung GS 4 (Galaxy S) vs iPhone 5 are almost as fast.  The Samsung Galaxy S 4 leads in many parts of the world while iPhone rules the U.S.A.

There's news of the Moto X  and its colorful customizations with engraving crafted in Texas. The ATIV S Neo with Galaxy S 4 beaming will be coming from Sprint.

What deal is the Cheapest iPhone 5/4S @Walmart? we calculated the numbers with  prepaid options the AT&T Trade-in Deal for iPhone 5,  However, Virgin Mobile is the absolute cheapest deal we could find for the iPhone 5, as of today.

There will be pure Google Editions of the Galaxy S 4 (GS 4) & HTC One coming on July 9. While there are rumors that there will be another Google Nexus 4-like smartphone the Sony Xperia Z.

In case you missed the big reveal in London, we published a summary along with  a video of Samsung Galaxy S 4 Active, zoom, mini & ATIV in summer reruns.

The biggest smartphone is the 6.4" Sony Xperia Z Ultra according to a verified source.