Next Nexus 5 to Be Like Moto X vs Next Nexus 10 from Asus?

There are reports that Motorola and Google are working on the next Nexus smartphone for the fourth quarter of this year.  The next Nexus 10 is rumored to made by Asus or Samsung...

If the rumor is true about Motorola as the Next Nexus manufacturer then it will be the first Nexus smartphone made by Motorola. Previous Nexus models were made by HTC, Samsung and LG.

This information comes from Android writer Taylor Wimberly who released a whole bunch of photos and information about the Motorola X before it was released. Wimberly also noted that the Nexus 5 will not be the same as the Moto X.

We can't tell Wimberly's relationship to Motorola. He linked to the following video of Guy Kawasaki's Google+ hangout where he waxes poetic over the personalization features of the Moto X.

The Nexus 4 has been uber popular because it had top end specs at a bargain basement price.  Now the Google owns Motorola, it would make sense that Google doesn't want to compete with itself and therefore make a Nexus 5 with one of its own companies.

However, for those who want an Moto X with no carrier attached, Motorola announced a Google Play Edition of the Moto X will eventually be available.  Some reporters suggest that at Google Play version would take away all the best Moto X software features.



An unnamed source told that Asus will make the Nexus 10 Slate tablet. Asus makes the new Nexus 7 and original Nexus 7. Many are hoping that the new Nexus 10 will be less expensive than the $399 Samsung-made Nexus 10. Refuting that rumor however was a Tweet from former WSJ reporter Amir Efrati who Tweeted that Android chief Sundar Picai informed him that Samsung would make the next Nexus 10.

nexus10_proof-590x331However a screen shot form a retail store shows a Nexus 10 16GB made by Asus with an in stock date of 01-01-2013 and dummy UPC number. It's hard to tell how long the information was floating around the system.

Which rumor is true the Moto X Nexus 5 vs the Asus Nexus 10?

We can't tell, yet.  However, whatever companies make the next Nexus devices they will be released in time for holiday shopping and buying.  New Nexus 7 owners may got lost on the way to the store because the new Nexus 7 has problems with GPS performance, and shuts down after a few minutes. Hopefully there will be an update to fix the problem before the holidays.