New Windows Phone Apps Today

instagramThere have a bunch of apps released for Windows Phone.

Waze has launched a Windows Phone app. It crowd-sourced real-time traffic data that alerts about accidents, road closings and sends data to the cloud. Users report police, accidents, cheapest gas prices and other data.Another new Windows Phone app is  Instagram but missing the ability to take photos directly from the app.  You can import your photo galleries.

Microsoft claims that Windows phone has finally gotten to the point that there are 85% of the top 25 apps in the Windows Phone market, a critical mass.

Other new Windows Phone apps are:

Grand Theft Auto companion iFruit, let's you keep up-to-date on the latest news, check out the Rockstar Games Social Club, and stay connected on Life Invader.

SmartGlass companion app for Xbox One.  The app, available on both Windows phones and tablets, offers a whole new way to experience Xbox One. You cannavigate your Xbox One dashboard, play videos and other media, and browse the web on your TV, message friends, track Xbox Achievements, manage pins and unlock challenges.

Microsoft Research launched Office Remote to control MS Office presentations.

My Talking Tom, for Windows Phone 8, you adopt Tom as a kitten and raise him to adulthood.

The Vine app for Windows Phone 8 is a mobile service for shooting and sharing six-second looping video.

Call of Duty Ghosts lets you keep up-to-date with Call of Duty: Ghosts news, track game progress and stats, and manage weapon load-outs for your next mission. You can also join, create, and manage a Call of Duty: Ghosts Clan from the app, as well as communicate with Clan Members to coordinate playtimes and gameplay strategies.