LA Auto Show Estify Wins Connect Car FASTPITCH

estifyThe the FASTPITCH Connected Car Expo Winners were announced  at the Los Angeles Auto Show.

There were some great contenders. RodeDog barks like dog a smartphone users who try to unlock their phones while on the road. Green Driver tells a driver how long a light will stay red.  Tosh Flare is an Electronic LED Flare that uses a sensor that will deploy when a vehicle is in an accident or during a power failure.

Trucker Path is an app for truck drivers that offers Weight Station and Truck Stop detailed information, locations, reviews, directions and pin point map locations.

The Gaugify app offers a variety of LCD cluster skins for drivers who prefer customization to maximize visual organization.

AUTOcyb, AIRMIKA Inc. claims to be the world’s first and only vehicle cyber security lock.

The winner was Estify a system designed for the collision industry that streamlines the collision repair process.  EstifyTransfer imports estimate data into the current estimating platforms, EstifyReconcile combines multiple estimates in a split second and EstifyParts electronically sends parts lists to many providers simultaneously for the best prices for parts.  It makes it easy for the collision center to contact customers and insurance companies.

A real crowd pleaser for those who were arriving late due to traffic in Los Angeles, was the Clear Path app by Cyrus Shahabhi that maps out the fastest drive between two places based on traffic data. He used three years of data from traffic sensors throughout Los Angeles County to predict traffic scenarios.

The first place winner Estify was awarded a Splunk Start Program Enterprise License: 20GB for 12-month term, including Splunk education, marketing and support teams ($40,000 Value).