Olympic Mobile Traffic from USA, iPhone/iPad and More

140212_shared-podiumOne in three smartphone and tablet owners plan to use apps while watching the Sochi Winter Olympics.

The online and mobile versions of the Olympics website are staying up-to-speed because a U.S. company is making sure that it is running and skiing and skating and snowboarding both down-hill and uploading.After a successful engagement in 2012 for the Summer Olympics, with support form SOASTA London2012.com handled 431 million global visitors, 109 million unique users, 15 million application downloads, and 4.73 billion page views. In early September 2013, SOASTA began web and mobile testing for the Sochi Olympics, leveraging SOASTA’s Global Test Platform for continuous testing from 16 locations worldwide.

SOASTA, has been named the official web and mobile testing partner for the Sochi Winter Olympics and for games in the future, signing a 10-year contract to assure quality web and mobile user experiences for the 2018, 2020, 2022, and 2024 Olympic Games. Americans love the Olympic games according to SOASTA

The Top 10 Countries by traffic to the Olympic web site in the last 24 hours (starting noon PST):

  • US - 33%.
  • Canada - 23%.
  • Russia - 18%.
  • Ukraine and Australia - 2%.
  • The other  countries (France, Germany, UK and Latvia) represented less than 2% of web traffic.
  • Chrome/32 is the most popular browser, representing over 30% of all traffic to the Olympic site.
  • Internet Explorer (all versions) was the second most popular browser with 19% of the traffic.
  • Mobile Traffic represented about 13% of traffic to the site represented by mobile Safari (iOS) at  9% and Android at 4% .

Many people are doubling devices watching TV and the mobile device/tablet simultaneously for Olympic information. They could also be watching on their computers or tablets at work.

We tried to take a look to see if we could read spoilers on today's game and as of this writing no news had been posted for 2/12/2014, yet on the Sochi website. NBC.com will be televising the Winter Olympics tonight.