Best Cheapest Black Weekend/Cyber Monday Sale 2Day 16GB SD Card $5.99 / 32GB micro SD $14.99

SanDiskSDHere's where it pays to know how the big guys work on Cyber Monday and Black Friday weekend.  In previous years, we stocked up on USB drives and SD cards over the weekend. At first we thought we found a really good at Target but this deal today beats even Big Lots. This is the cheapest price we have ever seen for such high capacity SD and micro SD cards.

highfastersdcardBest Buy is offering the Sand Disk 16GB iconSDHC memory card for only $5.99  and is compatible exclusively with digital devices that support SDHC memory cards. It holds dozens of pictures so you never miss an important shot. It has a fast transfer rate for fast downloading or file transfer. The list price for this size memory card is $34.99. We ordered several to have ready for our video camera for trade shows. On top of that we were offered free shipping and we don't have to go into any store.  This price beats Amazon by a dollar with no shipping. It is cheaper than the 8GB model.

Sand Disk Ultra Disk 16GB is priced at $9.99 it featuresicon 16GB capacity, offers fast data transfer of p to 40MB/sec. read speed for quick access to your files. The rugged construction, resists damage due to water, temperature, X-rays and shock, making it a a good choice for underwater cameras or shooting outdoors.  The e label is writeable, allowing you to easily identify and organize your media collection. The list price for this memory SD card is $39.99.

ScanDisk Ultra Plus 32 GB is $14.99 iconit features the same specs as the 16GB version but with twice the capacity the list price is $69.99 making the savings

ScanDisk Ultra Plus 64GB $24.99 iconwith double the capacity of the 32Gb and a list price of $99.99.

For those who need an micro SD card for a smartphone or tablet the Samsung 32 GB micro SD Card icon is only $14.99 with a list price of $49.99.

We have found that is always a good idea to have extra SD or micro SD cards around. You can switch our music on your microSD cards on you smartphone or cell phone. The SD cards are handy for backups and keeping extra copies of your photographs. Good forbid, you loose your camera with your precious family photos on it.

There is an unwritten law that when you need new SD cards the most the price will be the highest, when you don't need them they are on sale. At $5.99  for 16GB the SD Card makes a great stocking stuffer because you know it will used over and over again.

If you are looking to buy a smartphone LG G3 Cell Phone for Verizon Wireless, is $1 (With 2-Year Agreement, Plus Free Shipping).

Shop Cyber Monday Deals at Best Buy,

If you need USB drives you can save $39 on PNY Compact Attaché 32GB USB Flash Drive in Blue/White for the sale price  $10.99 with free shipping.