MetroPCS Launches Cheap Unlimited Service in L.A.

MetroPCS Communications, Inc., provider of unlimited wireless communications service, today announced the launch of its flat rate unlimited wireless service in Los Angeles. MetroPCS will provide the people of Los Angeles with unlimited local and long-distance service.

With plans starting as low as $30 a month, MetroPCS offers the lowest unlimited wireless calling choices now available in the market. Already available in Northern California, including the San Francisco and Sacramento markets, the Los Angeles service launch means expanded wireless coverage and an added value for customers throughout California.

MetroPCS offers a diverse selection of talk
all you want plans and enhanced service
packages so that Los Angeles residents can create a customized wireless
experience that best fits their lifestyle. With MetroPCS service plans,
customers pay by the month, not by the minute, and services do not
require a signed contract, minimum balance or deposit. Long distance
service to the 48 contiguous states is available with service plans as
low as $35 a month. Customers who sign up for service will receive the
first month free with their purchase of a MetroPCS phone.

  <span id="bwanpa70">"</span>Los Angeles has a very diverse consumer base 
  whose lifestyles and wireless needs vary,<span id="bwanpa71">"</span> 
  said Robert Wondoloski, vice president and general manager of MetroPCS 
  Los Angeles. <span id="bwanpa72">"</span>As a new member of this 
  community, MetroPCS demonstrates its commitment to the area by offering 
  consumers in Los Angeles a new, more flexible and affordable option for 
  unlimited wireless service.<span id="bwanpa73">"</span>
  Roger Linquist, MetroPCS<span id="bwanpa74">'</span> Chairman of the 
  Board and Chief Executive Officer, added: <span id="bwanpa75">"</span>We 
  are excited about launching our unlimited flat rate service in Los 
  Angeles and anticipate that Los Angeles has the potential to be MetroPCS<span id="bwanpa76">'</span> 
  most successful market launch ever. This service launch represents a 
  significant near-term potential source of growth for MetroPCS and 
  positions us well to continue delivering value to our shareholders. 
  MetroPCS is one of the fastest growing US wireless carriers, driven by 
  what we believe is a unique value proposition to our customers. We 
  expect our service to initially cover approximately 11 million Los 
  Angeles consumers following today<span id="bwanpa77">'</span>s launch. 
  The company has produced extraordinary subscriber growth and growth in 
  consolidated EBITDA over the past two and a half years, and the Los 
  Angeles service launch demonstrates that our strong momentum is 
  continuing. Los Angeles is a unique and significant opportunity for 
  MetroPCS as it has an extremely high population density in target 
  coverage areas and has ideal demographic requirements for our service 
  offerings.<span id="bwanpa78">"</span>
  With more than 3.5 million subscribers nationwide, continued consumer 
  demand for MetroPCS<span id="bwanpa79">'</span> unlimited, no signed 
  contract, flat rate wireless service has been the driving factor behind 
  the company<span id="bwanpa80">'</span>s expansion in California (and 
  across the country). In addition to the launch of its flat rate service 
  in the Greater Los Angeles market, MetroPCS expresses its continued 
  commitment to the communities it serves, with plans to open 20 new 
  company owned retail stores throughout the Greater Los Angeles area in 
  the next two years, resulting in over 300 direct new jobs plus an 
  additional 1,500 estimated jobs, involving authorized dealers.
  While options and services depend on the selected plan, subscribers can 
  further enhance their service with <span id="bwanpa81">"</span>unlimited<span id="bwanpa82">"</span> 
  advanced feature packages that include voicemail, caller ID, call 
  waiting, three-way calling, text and picture messaging, push e-mail, 
  mobile Internet browsing, mobile instant messaging, and the recently 
  announced unlimited Metro411, a voice-activated, premium directory 
  assistance service. Consumers can visit any of MetroPCS<span id="bwanpa83">'</span> 
  current Los Angeles area 400 authorized dealer locations and six company 
  owned retail locations or visit MetroPCS<span id="bwanpa84">'</span> Web 
  site at <a target="_blank" href="http://www.metropcs.com/" shape="rect">www.metropcs.com</a> to sign 
  up for service plans, and choose from a lineup of today<span id="bwanpa85">'</span>s 
  trendiest wireless phones.
  <span class="bwunderlinestyle"><b>About MetroPCS Communications, Inc.:</b></span>
  Dallas-based MetroPCS Communications, Inc. (NYSE:PCS) is a provider of 
  unlimited wireless communication service for a flat rate with no signed 
  contract. MetroPCS owns licenses or has access to wireless spectrum 
  covering a population of approximately 140 million people in 14 of the 
  top 25 largest metropolitan areas in the United States. Currently, 
  MetroPCS has over 3.5 million subscribers and service in Miami, Orlando, 
  Sarasota, Tampa, Atlanta, Dallas, Detroit, San Francisco, and 
  Sacramento. MetroPCS will provide MetroPCS-branded service in Los 
  Angeles pursuant to cooperative arrangements with Royal Street 
  Communications, LLC in which MetroPCS has a non-controlling 85% 
  ownership interest. MetroPCS is among the first wireless operators to 
  deploy or use an all-digital network based on third-generation 
  infrastructure and handsets. For more information please visit <a target="_blank" href="http://www.metropcs.com/" shape="rect">www.metropcs.com</a>
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