Nokia E51 Super SmartPhone with VOIP Functionality

UK - Nokia today introduced the new Nokia E51smartphone.  The slim  Nokia E51 has  VOIP functionality, email capabilities, an  FM radio,  and a 2-megapixel camera.

An all-round device, Nokia E51 is
ideal for business professionals who require reliable, real-time access
to business and people, need to manage time effectively and value a
single device that is easy to set up, maintain and use. Nokia E51 users
with Nokia mobility solutions can experience mobile telephony, mobile
email and messaging, office phone functionality, and cost savings -
with the convenience of one phone number, one voice mailbox, one dial
plan - in a single device. 
users increasingly need one device that they can count on to work
productively and which offers them the level of efficiency that brings
more freedom and balance to their personal lives," said Antti Vasara,
senior vice president, Mobile Devices Unit, Enterprise Solutions,
Nokia.  "With the new Nokia E51 device, we are responding to this need
with a business smartphone that combines the latest advances in
business mobility and a classic, stainless steel design, at a price
that makes it perfect for company-wide deployments." 

expanding the rich functionality that business users require, Nokia
continues to simplify the use of its business devices via the following:
- A home screen including user-selected icons to the most used applications
- One Touch keys with one-click access to key functionalities including email, contacts, calendar and the home screen
Set-up wizards offering step-by-step guidance for setting up email
accounts, configuring Internet calling and accessing wireless local
area networks
- Integration with a wide range
of business email solutions, including Nokia Intellisync Wireless Email
and Mail for Exchange to communicate with Microsoft Exchange Server,
and consumer email
- Streamlined email reading experience with easy access to attachments
Dedicated Email key on the front cover, indicator light for new email,
and a preview window to the latest email on the home screen to help
keep up with email when on the move
E51 also extends business value to end users and businesses through its
ability to integrate tightly with corporate telephony systems (PBX)
through Nokia Mobile Unified Communications solutions such as Nokia
Intellisync Call Connect for Cisco and Nokia Intellisync Call Connect
for Alcatel. These solutions deliver desk phone calling features - such
as extension dialing, hold, transfer and conferencing - to a single,
mobile device. Companies can also reduce their international call
charges by routing the call over the corporate IP networks.
and BT share a vision that business mobility adoption will thrive when
our collective customers and their respective end users, derive
productivity improvements from mobile enabled applications," said
Rakesh Mahajan, global director of mobility at BT Global Services. "For
the BT Corporate Fusion solution, we chose the Nokia E51 for its
classic Nokia business smartphone features and design, its ease of
integration into our solution, and its affordability, making it more
appealing for widespread use within companies of all sizes."
E51 is also ideal for any user wishing to leverage broadband
connections to access mobile Internet telephony from homes and
hotspots. For example, Gizmo, a Voice over IP (VoIP) application, is
available for Nokia Eseries customers free of charge, enabling users to
make and receive inexpensive calls from their mobile phones and chat or
talk with friends who are online.  Gizmo application is available to
Nokia Eseries customers through the Nokia Download! application on
their mobile phone.
addition to increased features and functionality for business use,
Nokia E51 lends itself well to personal use and offers a polished look
for both business and personal use. The thin, stainless steel device is
equipped with personal applications, including:
- FM radio, music and multimedia players
- 2 megapixel camera
Nokia browser, serving as the gateway to a variety of Internet services
including interoperability with Windows Live, providing mobile access
to most popular Windows Live services including Hotmail, Messenger and
Spaces, available through the Nokia Download! application
Via the Download! application access to Yahoo Go! WidSets, and a number
of travel, personal productivity and entertainment applications
E51 is the latest offering in the industry-leading Nokia Eseries
portfolio of business optimized devices that support companies'
business mobility strategies by protecting their investments in
workforce mobility. Joining the ranks of Nokia E90 Communicator, Nokia
E61i and Nokia E65, the Nokia E51 device enables business users to
collaborate, communicate, and operate whether they are conducting
business from their offices, working remotely or traveling - while also
keeping in touch with their personal lives.
E51 will be globally available during the fourth quarter of 2007 for an
unsubsidized retail price of approximately 350 EUR.