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Samsung Juke SCH-U470 rated 3 out of 5 by Wireless and Mobile News Review of Reviews.

Although the Samsung Juke SCH-U470 (Verizon) has not been reviewed by many grammatically correct sources yet, it has been referred to as “sexy” for design, called the “funnest music phone” Thumbnail image for juke.jpgand a better music player than a phone. One reviewer called the Juke “a Star Trek Communicator with a fashion twist,” due to its GPS capabilites. The Juke has more of an MP3 player look and a very small screen, described as “too small for the Web.”

Problems pointed out in the reviews are that the Juke lacks 3G or V Cast support and it doesn’t have an expandable memory slot.

Which leads us to wonder “Should we rate the Juke as a phone or as a music player?” Surely, the new iPod Shuffle is smaller, cheaper and cuter and the iPod Touch is sexier. Therefore, until we find reviewers who rave about the phone aspects of the Juke, we will have to rate it 3 out of 5 as a phone. If however, you really want a music player and don’t have one yet, and need a new phone the $99 price after rebate with a two year contract may be a good deal for you.

CNET called to the Samsung Juke SCH-U470 sexy, for its design, good sound quality and music player. However, it was sadly lacking 3G or V Cast support and no expandable memory slot, giving it a 7 out of 10.

Phone Arena
wrote, “We consider the Juke a Music Player 1st, and a Phone 2nd.

Gizmodo called the Juke, ” the funnest music phone Verizon Wireless has yet ordered up,” because it is a side loader and not an over the air music player. The only physical downside is that, “as crazy narrow as it is, it’s a bit too thick.”

Noah at PhoneDog on YouTube calls the Juke “a cross between an old iPod Shuffle and a lipstick,” or “a Star Trek Communicator with a fashion twist.”  He loved the USB cable and thought it made a great music player. The video shows Juke’s GPS services and Noah’s fish tank in a favorable light. 


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