BlackBerry Media Storm Warnings - What Will a Free Phone Feel Like?




The BlackBerry Storm
Coming Soon.

exclusively from Verizon Wirless

Says the full page ads for the BlackBerry Storm in the local weekly hip newspapers in Los Angeles, making us think that more media is coming soon too, with some surprises including maybe a price shocker such as offering the BlackBerry Storm for FREE...

Last Wednesday, there was big party in Hollywood at the Avalon attended cast members of 90210 and John Mayer with a concert by the Foo Fighters.

Fortune Magazine suggests that the BlackBerry Storm might just be free for Verizon customers, following the lead of Vodaphone that will give the BlackBerry Storm away for FREE with certain contracts.

Many analysts think the BlackBerry Storm will be heavily subsidized and because the iPhone now starts at $199, it should be lower than that. Reviewers who have been able to test the smartphone are amazed at the screen's brilliance but find the tactile clickable touchscreen keyboard takes time to get used to and well if users get it free they may just find it feels better than an iPhone. Then those Google G1 phone fanatics who create controversy in selling phones at Wal-Mart will really be incensed.