Review of Reviews BlackBerry Bold (AT&T) BlackBerry 9000

blackberrybold.jpgBlackBerry Bold (AT&T) Rated 4 out 5 by Wireless and Mobile News' Review of Reviews

The reviews of the BlackBerry Bold range from loving it entirely to calling the BlackBerry Bold an enterprise keyboard choice. Most reviewers commented that the BlackBerry Bold was worth waiting for and that it works very well with AT&T's 3G network. Almost all noted that the 2.75 inch 480x320 screen shows 65,000 colors and is great looking, gorgeous, sharp, brilliant and the best they have seen on a smartphone.

Reviewers also found the multimedia player and capabilities of the BlackBerry Bold great, wonderful and impressive. The luxurious leatherette exterior was praised.

The BlackBerry Bold has excellent push email for both enterprise and personal email.  Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents can be edited in DataViz Documents to Go. The camera with LED flash was seen as better than the iPhone camera.  Call quality was good and the speaker phone was very loud and clear. The keyboard was easy to use.

Although the web browser was referred to as the best BlackBerry browser so far, some reviewers said that it slowed down and didn't render everything well. Applications additions are not as easy as other iPhone or Android Apps

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Recently AT&T started offering the BlackBerry Bold Refurbished package where the Bold is free to new customers with a contract.  Note: It's hard to find the deal so we published instructions.  Peter Ha at CrunchGear about how he feels about the BlackBerry Bold, "I love it and never want to let go of it." and calls it a Super BlackBerry. He quickly adapted to typing fast. The screen is gorgeous but suggests a protective cover. The microSD slot is on the exterior which he likes. The GPS found him instantly.  The camera has LED flash, video capture and worked well. The web browser is better than previous versions. There were errors using Gmail.

Ben Patterson,  Yahoo's Gadget Hound writes that the BlackBerry Bold is worth the wait. The 3G network worked great and was glitch-free. The display is razor sharp. The OS is improved and performance was peppy. He also liked better rendering of the HTML email and web browsing. He was pleased with call quality and the speaker phone was loud. It shines for multimedia with fast downloads and video streaming.  The media player was impressive with video looking smashing. The Bold is solid choice for non-touchscreen users.

Matt Buchanan at Gizmodo, call the BlackBerry Bold, "the Best BlackBerry Yet."  The hardware is awesome with an easy to use OS and every reliable 3G access. Wi-Fi however was finicky. The browser is the best BlackBerry browser so far. He however gripes about the lack of an app store and problems that occurred when the browser didn't handle both Wi-Fi and 3G.

Bonnie Cha at CNET also writes that the BlackBerry Bold was worth the wait rating it 4 out of 5, for the sharpest display, excellent multimedia performance, HSDPA, updated OS, Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooh, great messaging email support and QWERTY keyboard.  She doesn't like that is bulky and high price or web browser navigation. The leatherette texture on the back makes it look and feel nice. The backlit keyboard worked fine. It supports 3G in the US and around the world. The web browsing isn't as good as iPhone. DataViz Documents to Go allows for editing Word, Excel and PowerPoint files. The camera allows for geo-tagging. Call quality was good while multimedia was amazing.

Sascha Segan at PCMag rated the BlackBerry Bold 4 out 5 for it luxurious feel, beautiful screen, reliable email, Office document editor, terrific media player and good camera. He however wished the web browsers were better and that there was an IM client. The keyboard was easy to use."The best-looking" screen he's seen on a mobile device but wishes it were bigger.  Voices were loud and clear. The speaker phone was a wonder. In weak signal areas, however, the call quality was not as good. Battery life was fair at 4 hours 28 minutes. The smartphone worked as modem with speedy download speed. The BlackBerry Bold connects with both corporate and personal email servers. The browser is rough. Music and video players looked and sounded great. The camera is better than the iPhone or Curve.

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