Trapster Mobile Alerts to Speed Traps

trapster.jpgNothing can ruin that holiday spirit faster than a $300 speeding
ticket. It may be time to try Trapster. Trapster mobile will alert you as
you approach police speed traps with hands-free audio alerts, and
one-touch reporting.

Trapster apps are available for iPhones and other GPS
smartphones like BlackBerry (including the BlackBerry Storm) Nokia, and J2ME-enabled phones. In six
short weeks, the trap database has grown from 39,000 to over 115,000
reported trap locations.

Those who don't have a GPS smartphone can call in traps using Trapster's
toll free tip line, and receive alerts via text messages with maps to
show where the police are hiding.

And here's the best part, especially during the expensive holiday
season: Trapster is free notes their news release and pun, pun, pun .."it might just keep your goose from getting