BlackBerry Storm Bugs Will Be Fixed in Future Updates

blackberrythunderstorm.jpgThose of you who have been unable to get a hold of a BlackBerry Storm at any price, don't cry in your turkey gravy.  Word is out from Boy Genius that there will be software updates send over the air to fix "issues' with the operating system that shipped with the BlackBerry Storm. Verizon sent memos to store personnel to give "temporary fixes" so that they don't have to take the Storms back and exchange them. Readers should note that Verizon has a thirty-day return policy, after that early termination fees apply.

The first software update due out in the next week, will fix these problems:

If a caller is listening to music and a call comes in, the volume increases.
Temporary fix is to lower the volume.

Voice activated dialing may cause incoming audio to be muted.
Temporary fix -Enter the menu and select "Activate Handset or Speaker."

BlackBerry Storm resets itself during multimedia applications or while idle, has no temporary fix.

Problems Fixed by Another Update

Intermittent loss of email connectivity via CDMA
and/or international roaming modes. 
Temporary Fix Main
menu -> Manage Connections -> Select mobile network -> Turn
radio off, then Turn radio on. If that doesn't work pull
the battery.

When turning on the Storm, sometimes the radio sometimes does not turn on.
Temporary Fix  Main menu -> Manage Connections ->
Select mobile network -> Turn radio on. If this does not resolve the
issue, pull the battery.

Someimes pressing the send key while the BlackBerry is landscape mode will
open the phone application in portrait mode and the speed dial
function may not work.
Temporary Fix  Press escape
until the home screen appears, then press the send key with the handset
in portrait orientation.

Other times pressing characters on the virtual keyboard doesn't work.
Temporary Fix  Re-select the character.

As far as we can tell Verizon and RIM have not publicly said anything about these glitches.  We recommended earlier to be sure to update BlackBerry Storm software when you purchase a unit.

As we noted yesterday, Verizon is now selling smartphones that were $300 last year, for as little as $79, yes they have fewer features, but they have had time to work out the bugs. Meanwhile Wirefly offers many touchscreen phones for free with a contract. Let's Talk also offers 

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  1. Great info. I went to Blackberry's site to learn about how to turn the radio on and it was absolutely COMPLETELY worthless. They might want to hire your company (if they don't already own you) to troubleshoot for them because it's obvious they forgot what customer services is all about.

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