iPhone 3G #3 on Time's Gadget List, Time Also Names Top iPhone Apps


Time magazine released it's Top 10 Lists of everything for 2008.  The iPhone 3G is the only phone on the Gadget List and given the number three position.

Times' Josh Quittner wrote about the iPhone 3G

"It doesn't handle email as well as the cheapest BlackBerry, and as a telephone, it's no better than most cell phones. But this is the gadget that launched the era of mobile computing, and what an epoch that promises to be! "

Note that they actually use an exclamation point!!!!!!

Time is so crazy about the iPhone,  they even named the top iPhone Apps of 2008 which are:

  1. Pandora Internet Radio - once you choose music you like, it helps choose music for you.
  2. AroundMe - helps find services around you sucha banks, coffee shops, bars, gas stations, hospitals, movie theaters, and restaurants.
  3. AP Mobile News Network - read, email, text and save the latest AP news.
  4. Ocarina - lets you play the iPhone like an Ocarina.
  5. Wikipanion - quick easy Wikipedia search app.
  6. Adrenaline Pool Lite - virtual pool game.
  7. Instapaper - saves web pages in an iPhone format to be read later on your iPhone.
  8. NetNewsWire - RSS feed aggregator.
  9. iTalk - captures audio in the high-quality AIFF format.
  10. Fake Call -  a fake contact can call you and interrupt that very boring conversation.

All the iPhone apps are available in the iPhone App Store.

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