More Music and Shazam Coming To BlackBerry Apps

shazamlogo.jpgAt the Cannes music
conference,  co-Chief Executive Officer of RIM Jim Balsillie demonstrated  products and promoted its open platform for digital music
applications.  The company wanted to makes sure the conference attendess knew that the BlackBerry Application StoreFront was open to music application developers.

"Were rocking, were totally rocking,"
Balsillie, said in an interview. RIM forecasts 20
percent to 25 percent growth for this year's Q1. He said that BlackBerry devices are already music centric and wanted to talk about their new open platform..

RIM already has content deals with Slacker, and Shazam, a
music recognition service. One report noted that the Shazam music recognition app should be out in the next few weeks.

Balsillie used a BlackBerry Bold as a remote to control songs played on a
portable speaker.