New Amazing Slider Palm Smartphone to Debut Thursday @ CES

Rumors are buzzing about Palm's new device to be launched at CES on Thursday. Crunch Gear published a post, yesterday, that said a trusted source told them  that the latest Palm
smartphone running the Nova operating system will  have a full QWERTY keyboard that will slide down
under a portrait-oriented touchscreen.

The source described the operating system as "amazing" with lots of software including media playback along with Palm calendar, email, and contact functionality.

The phone was described as "iPhone-like" and most-liked sourced by HTC like the Palm Pro.

Palm has been losing marketshare to other smartphones and this could give them the "amazing grace" they to lure customers.

EDITORS NOTE (1/11/09):  The Palm Pre was revealed at CES and we have a Review of Reviews of the Palm Pre.