Privus Mobile Caller ID on Handmark

privusphone_swirl1.pngPrivus Mobile's cell phone Caller ID is now being offered through
Handmark desktop and on-device mobile web stores.

Privus Mobile is a
cross-carrier, real-time Caller ID solution. It's available for Windows
, BlackBerry and Palm smartphones. Privus Mobile's Caller ID
identifies the caller by accessing the data network while the call
arrives in real-time. Although there is a BlackBerry Storm version it doesn't deliver caller ID in real-time due to programming limitations of the the BlackBerry Storm.Privus Mobile Caller ID works best if you already have an
unlimited data plan for your smartphone. It costs $6.88 a month.

Mobile is specifically designed for smartphones.

A full list of
compatible devices can be found on the Privus Mobile site or through
the Handmark store. Please note not all devices can identify the caller
in real time unless voice and data networks can be access on the

A free trial of the software is avaialbe the Privus Mobile site. The three-month license is available
from Handmark for the Windows Mobile (smartphone or PocketPC) version
or the BlackBerry version as well as through the Privus Mobile site.