BlackBerry Storm Wish-List 2

BlackBerrry-stormsidebyside.jpgOur readers have informed us that they want more BlackBerry Storm apps and we've been looking for new ones.

Today, we wrote  about a new caller ID solution from Privus Mobile Caller ID, that is compatible with BlackBerry. We immediately called their representative to find out if it worked on BlackBerry Storm. Unfortunately the real-time caller ID function doesn't work on the BlackBerry Storm because RIM does not allow access to data and voice networks at the same time in the device. When a call is missed a caller ID will appear but while the call is coming in.

Sometimes the app will work with a BlackBerry with Wi-Fi,  but the Storm doesn't have Wi-Fi.

Hopefully, RIM will allow developers in the future to access botht he data and voice networks at the same.

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