BlackBerry Niagara 9630 Viewed, Wowed, Touched On as Best-Ever

blackberryniagra.jpgSome boys have all the luck. Boy Genius Report got a hold of a BlackBerry Niagara and had nothing but good things to report.

Boy Genius called the BlackBerry Niagara's keyboard the best BlackBerry keyboard, ever. It also has the BEST BlackBerry, speakers, screen and size/feel ever.

The BlackBerry Niagara is cross between the very fast BlackBerry Bold and BlackBerry Curve.
It is larger than the BlackBerry Curve, but smaller than the BlackBerry Bold, but has the same 480×320 screen resolution as the BlackBerry Bold.

The BlackBerry Niagara 9630 is expected to have EV-DO Rev.A 3G capabilities. The new BlackBerry Niagara also
should have international access, browsers/media player, GPS, 1G
on-board, microSD and 3.2 megapixel camera. Most likely, it will be available
on Verizon in May.

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