Review of Reviews BlackBerry Tour (Niagara) 9630 Review

blackberryniagara.jpgWireless and Mobile News' "Review of Reviews of the the BlackBerry Niagara 9630."

The BlackBerry Tour (Niagara) 9630 has many features that reviewers love such as the speaker phone, excellent talk time, keyboard, and the over all feel of the smartphone.

The BlackBerry Tour (Niagara) is cross between the BlackBerry Curve and BlackBerry Bold with an operating system similar to the BlackBerry Storm.  Because it has the new operating system when the BlackBerry app store opens, software should be compatible with this smartphone.

The BlackBerry Tour (Niagara) has not been released yet, but a few reviewers got a hold of it and are saying good things about the smartphone.

In a sneak peak hands-on review, Boy Genius was wowed by the BlackBerry Tour (Niagara) and gave it kudos and called the BlackBerry Tour (Niagara)'s keyboard the best BlackBerry keyboard, ever. It also has the BEST BlackBerry, speakers, screen and size/feel ever.

The BlackBerry Tour (Niagara) has also gotten a hands-on pre-release review from CrackBerry, where it felt awsome. The keyboard worked well. CrackBerry did not test the software yet therefore it is just a review of the hardware.

Most reviewers don't like that the BlackBerrry Tour (Niagara) 9630 does not come with Wi-Fi. It will most likely be launched on the Verizon Network in May.  It may also appear on Sprint.  It is a CDMA phone and will not work with T-Mobile or AT&T.

To see summaries of the current reviews continue reading.  When more reviews appear we will update this "Review of Reviews" from Wireless and Mobile News.
Boy Genius Report in their first hands on of the BlackBerry Tour (Niagara) 9630, without the Verizon network praised the plasma display screen with 480 x360 resolution, battery life size and build-quality. BGR poo-pooed the lack of Wi-Fi and  placement of the back button,. All in all he says Verizon + 9630 =Best BlackBerry experience on the planet, better than the BlackBerry Storm.

CrackBerry in their Hand-On Hardware First Look pre-release review of the BlackBerry Tour (Niagara), called it the next-generation of the BlackBerry 8830 World Edition that feels awesome.  The BlackBerry Tour (Niagara) 9630 has a new improved 3.2 megapixel camera, and a great battery door. The keyboard is the perfect compromise of the Curve and the Bold. He also dislikes the absence of Wi-Fi.

Another reviewer wondered, "Don't ask why they got it and not me..."

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  1. love my blackberry 9630 :). my business partner got one for each of us from it isn't the greatest phone out there, but it works just fine for me! i do a lot of calling and texting all day long for my business and the battery seems to be holding up pretty well.

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