Deal of the Day: AT&T Free HTC Fuze Refurb Package

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AT&T really knows how to attract and keep its customers satisfied, hidden under the shop cell phone deals and packages ad on their website. We think this is the best, cheapest, discount, deal today. 


Not only do they still have the free BlackBerry Bold refurb package we told you about last month, they now have the HTC Fuze Refurb Package.  The HTC Fuze was well reviewed when it came and cost $299. It has email, text and instant messaging, Internet access, a personal organizer, video, satellite radio,Wi-Fi, GPS navigation and
more - all at broadband speeds.
For the freebie deal you can chose any voice plan but you have to sign up for an Unlimited Data and/or Messaging Feature plan for at least $30 a month.

From this AT&T shopping link, start shopping. Look on the the right hand side of the page, click on Shop Cell Phone
Deals and Packages, by the arrow that says "Shop deals and packages."

On the View menu on upper left hand corner, click on "Refurbished Packages." Then sort by price Low to High. 


Third down from the top is the HTC Fuze Refurb package. Activation fee is required.  This is really a good deal for people who like email and use the web often.