T-Mobile Offers Better Plans and Will Update G1 OS Android in a Few Weeks

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Last week the one-millionth T-Mobile G1 Google phone was sold.  The T-Mobile G1 was first only sold in 21 HSPA / 3G markets.  Since then T-Mobile has expanded 3G coverage  107 million people and  started selling the G1 in its GPRS/EDGE-only markets. It is a device hit for the the T-Mobile network. T-Mobile now has about 1.5 million 3G devices on its network and the G1 accounts for about two-thirds of the devices.

An update of the Android operating system 1.5 (formerly known as cupcake) will be coming in the next few weeks to T-Mobile customers.  Improvements include portrait onscreen keyboard,
more home screen widgets, video recording, and stereo Bluetooth.

Google Android 1.5 will allow video recording with the built-in camera and playing video in
the MPEG-4 and 3GP formats. Videos can be uploaded to
YouTube, and photos can be uploaded to to Picasa.

T-Mobile recently changed its there is unlimited T-mobile to T-mobile on all single line plans at $49.99 and higher, at no additional cost. The big savings arein the family plans the new myFaves plan for $89.99, offers 1800 minutes, unlimited nights and weekends, unlimited
mobile to mobile. More minute plans are myFaves for 2500 minutes for $109 or  3500 minutes for $139 a month.

T-Mobile's prepaid Pay by Day plan now includes unlimited calling  from 7:00 pm 7:00 am to T-Mobile customers.

latest television commerical shows a woman with a chain saw cutting
down telephone lines.  They want users to cut the landline cord. 

T-Mobile is expected to offer another Android phone later this year.

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