FamilyMap Shows Where Family Members Are and What They Are Near

ATT_tracking_service_270x338.jpgAT&T FamilyMap is a new tool form mothers and others to see the location of a family member's phone via a web browser on a PC
or mobile phone. Just in time for Mother's Day they also have some special offers and deals on phones for Mom that can used the FamilyMap service.

The FamilyMap service enables users to see details
such as location on a map and surrounding landmarks like schools and
parks. Users can also toggle between satellite and interactive street
maps. Families can customize their mapping experience by assigning a
name and photo to each device within their account, and can also label
places they visit frequently, like "Home" or "Soccer Field."

the tool's schedule checks option, parents can receive alerts at
specified times via text or e-mail. For example, parents could request
a schedule check every weekday at 4 p.m. to check on their child's
location. In another scenario, parents of a teenager who drives could
use the tool to check on their child's location instead of calling or
texting the teen, which might present a distraction while the teen is
on the road.

The first thirty days of the FamilyMap service is free and then after that it is $9.99 a month for two family members or $14.99 for up to five family members.

"AT&T FamilyMap is a terrific tool to help busy
families keep track of each other, as well as a great way to check up
on loved ones for any reason, such as to touch base with elderly family
members," said Mark Collins, vice president of Voice and Data Products
for AT&T Mobility and Consumer Markets. "More than 60 percent of
AT&T wireless customers are part of a family plan or multiple line
account, so there's a considerable number of our subscribers whom we
believe will find this service beneficial."

Users may locate any
phone with which a billing relationship is established -- for example,
phones that are part of the same wireless account.

In keeping
with AT&T 's industry-leading stance on privacy, AT&T FamilyMap
includes tools that give the primary account owner control in managing
privacy preferences. All users on the account receive a text message
when their phones first become locatable through AT&T FamilyMap,
and those users will receive periodic reminders that their phones can
be located. Alternately, the account owner has the option of notifying
a phone every time location information is requested.

account owners receive notification when location information for a
phone not already being tracked is requested through the application,
and he or she can then choose whether to allow the request.

service is compatible with all AT&T postpaid mobile phones.
Location information is returned with the highest precision when A-GPS
(assisted-GPS) technology is available. Alternative location-finding
technologies will be utilized to locate users when A-GPS in

Standard data usage charges apply, and an unlimited
data plan from AT&T is recommended.

products and services are provided or offered by subsidiaries and
affiliates of AT&T Inc. under the AT&T brand and not by
AT&T Inc.

  1. Device to be located must be turned
    on and on the AT&T Network. Coverage not available in all areas.
    Service availability, timeliness or accuracy of location is not
  2. Users must cancel free trial of AT&T FamilyMap
    within 30 days or be automatically subscribed at a cost of $14.99 or
    $9.99 per month depending on plan. Customers can cancel from the "My
    Accounts" portal on their handset or by calling AT&T Customer Care.