Hilton BlackBerry Lost - Why She Should Worry About Security

HiltonBBBOLD.jpgParis Hilton lost her BlackBerry Bold, last night, at the Cannes Film Festival in the wee hours of the morning. She searched for it frantically at her hotel.

"It's the worst thing that could have happened. It has all my contacts in it. The last thing I want is for it to fall into the wrong hands," she told reporters.

'I don't know where or when it went missing but I know I've got to find it" she told the Mail.

Hilton has been photographed with outfits that match her BlackBerry Bold and holding it her hand getting of a car (see photo above.)  The BlackBerry Bold has more features than contacts, it has calendar, GPS, web browsing, camera with video, and her personal notes.

If her BlackBerry used BES, there would be ways to "Kill" or erase data provided the smartphone were turned on. Most likely, she is using BIS provided by her carrier, AT&T.

We called AT&T pretending that a BlackBerry had been lost, all they would be able to do would be to cut off the phone service for the account. Anything saved on Hilton's BlackBerry could be accessed by whoever finds the smartphone.

What she could have done was to lock her Blackberry when not being used then it could unlocked by a password. She should also at least have synced her contacts to her computer as a backup.

Paris doesn't seem to worry about her love life, she took a photo of her and her beau Doug Reinhard and Tweeted about it "Having the best time with the Sexiest Man on Earth! Loves it! šŸ™‚ Huge!!!!!!"

She may however, have cause to worry about more than the sexy photos on her BlackBerry Bold, her contacts video, calendar, notes, and personal email could be at risk.


In 2005, Hilton's SideKick
was hacked, camera photos, contacts were outed. The teenager who
commited the crime was sentenced to 11 months of detention. 
Previously, Hilton said that when her little dog Tinkerbell was missing
it was one the worst moments of her life, the BlackBerry loss could be worse.

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