Palm Pre: Sale Locations, Instant Rebates, & Analysis

156710-Palm_Pre_180.jpgAs customers anxiously await the launch of the Palm Pre, analysts are making predictions and consumers are looking for their best angle.

The Palm Pre 's price depends on where you buy reported several sources. If you buy the Palm Pre at Best Buy or Radio Shack, you receive to wait for the rebate in the mail.

This is an interesting strategy for Sprint, because it attracts more traffic to Best Buy or Radio Shack and will help limit the lines and wait at Sprint Stores.

You should be aware that Sprint partner stores are not selling the Palm Pre on launch. It looks like you can make an appointment, however all the appointments for our local store were filled for June 6 and June 7. Through the Sprint Store Locator, you can see what store is near you and which ones will have special store hours for the Palm Pre launch.

In the future, Fry's Electronics will be selling the Palm Pre , but not at launch.
Analysts interviewed gave their opinions to FierceWireless. Hugues de la Vergne at Gartner thinks the Palm Pre   can be a success. which will be determined after the first 30 days. More important is WebOS which could also work for other carriers.

Nielsen's Roger Entner suggests that Palm Pre
should do well for the Sprint base and may presuade Verizon and
T-Mobile users to change carriers. He thinks there is great value in
the Palm Pre software and the Spring Simply Everything Plan.

Tim Bajarin, at Creative Strategies,
believes the Palm Pre is a competitive smartphone with two success
factors, the software and if customers at other carriers will change to
Sprint for the Palm Pre .

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