Android an' Droid Incredible Start: HTC Droid Incredible Selling-Out (How to Find/Buy)

1DroidIncredibleShippingMay4.jpgIt looks like Verizon has a smartphone that is almost as popular as AT&T's iPhone with the release of the DROID Incredible by HTC  today. The Droid Incredible is so  popular it may sell-out  in some stores by the end of the day.

The Droid Incredible has gotten rave reviews  with similar features to the
Nexus One with the added bonuses of a higher resolution camera and
trackpad. The Droid Incredible was available for pre-order and now it looks like it's back ordered on the Verizon website, buyers will have to wait until May 4, Tuesday of next week.

"Every second or third customer asking for a Droid Incredible," our local Verizon sales rep told us. He also told us  to call first if we are going to go to the store later today to make sure the DROID Incredible by HTC  is in stock. We've found that when a smartphone gets this "hot" it is good idea to call your store first to see if they are in stock. Some busy stores get daily shipments.

"Verizon Wireless customers were out early today to be among the first to get their hands on a Droid Incredible by HTC. So much so, that sales of the Droid Incredible by HTC are... well...incredible and somewhat beyond the company's projections for first day sales," said Verizon spokeswoman Brenda Raney, "Verizon Wireless and HTC have every intention of making sure customers get their phones as quickly as possible, so customers placing orders in stores that no longer have devices in stock can expect their phones to be delivered within a week of placing their orders."

DROID Incredible by HTC
has a touchscreen, 8.0 megapixel camera,
interactive widgets, and Friend Stream for streamlined
updates from popular social networking sites with HTC Sense.

If you buy Droid Incredible by HTC before May 31, you will get a free
2 GB memory card. Customers can
receive only one memory card per DROID Incredible by HTC purchase.

The Droid Incredible can still be ordered online.
Pricing is $199.99 after a $100 mail-in rebate
with a new two-year customer agreement. Don't forget to use the Instant Phone
Rebate Only Available with Online Purchase
coupon-link to
avoid waiting for a rebate.

UPDATE 4/31: One of our readers informed us that the Droid
Incredible does quality for the Buy One Get One 3G Smartphone deal.

Wirefly doesn't offer the free 2 Gigabyte card, but they are offering 4 Days Only: DROID INCREDIBLE by HTC and FREE Activation from Verizon Wireless, starts on Monday May 3.

We checked at the Wirefly website at 1:00 pm today and they still had the Droid Incredible in stock at an incredibly low price.  We checked with our local Wirefly rep who said they have plenty in stock and should not sell-out over the weekend.  Free shipping is included in the Wirefly price.

Droid Incredible by HTC