Droid Incredible Deal: Droid Incredible HTC Buy One Get One Free Deal


One of our readers was very happy: He got a call from Verizon Wireless after placing an order with them yesterday morning for two Droid Incredibles at rebate price (already Verizon customer).

"She canceled our order and redid it because Verizon just announced a buy one get one free on all Incredibles. Yeah!"

We suspected this was going to happen eventually, but not on the first day of sale. If you buy one Droid Incredible from Verizon
, you get a second Droid Incredible by HTC for free.

Yesterday, we reported that the Droid HTC Incredible was sold-out online and getting hard to find in some stores. Verizon is waving the activation fee today until May 3 which motivates you even more. Don't expect your Droid Incredible right away, the Verizon website shows a ship date of May 7 for Droid Incredible orders.

Also, if you buy Droid Incredible by HTC before May 31, you will get a free
2 GB memory card. Customers can
receive only one memory card per DROID Incredible by HTC

The Droid Incredible can still be ordered online.
Pricing is $199.99 after a $100 mail-in rebate
with a new two-year customer agreement. Don't forget to use the
Instant Phone Rebate Only Available with Online Purchase

coupon-link to
avoid waiting for a rebate.

Wirefly doesn't offer
the free 2 Gigabyte card, but they are offering 4 Days Only:
DROID INCREDIBLE by HTC and FREE Activation from Verizon Wireless.,
starting Monday. We

checked at the Wirefly website  and they still had the
Droid Incredible in stock at an incredibly low price.  We checked with
our local Wirefly rep who said they have plenty in stock and should not
sell-out over the weekend.  Free shipping is included in the Wirefly

3 thoughts on “Droid Incredible Deal: Droid Incredible HTC Buy One Get One Free Deal”

  1. That deal is bogus. If you buy a droid you can get an incredible free. But they will not give you two incredibles for free. I just called Berizon and they confirmed. So if somone got this deal, Verizon messed up.

  2. If you wait a few months you will probably beable to get a free Droid Incredible with a plan and a new promotion. This promotion is Buy One Get One Free.

    You can probably get a free Droid Eris from Wirefly.

    These kind of Verizon deals like the Buy One Get One Free BlackBerry Deal, aren't aren't always the cheapest for single people.

  3. I ordered two Droid Incredibles on May 7th. During the ordering I was informed that it was Buy One Get One Free....Yeah even on the Incredibles, until May 31st. I was delightfully surprised. When friends asked me about my new Droid I gleefully informed them "...and they are BOGO". Today I order two more and I am informed that they are not BOGO. I tell them to pull up my bills from last week and the rep can clearly see that I one was sold to me for free. Okay, I'm confused.

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