1.7 Mil Reception 4 iPhone 4: Apple Attentive to iPhone Attenuation, iOS 4.0 Update Sucks iPhone 3G Bats

iphone4OS4.jpgApple sold over 1.7 million iPhone 4
through Saturday, June 26, three days after its launch on June 24, even with reception issues, while the iOS 4 is putting a drain on iPhone 3G 3GS users.

The iPhone 4 suffers from attenuation/reception issues when held with a left hand.  An iOS 4.0.1 software fix is in the works and may arrive as early as
Monday, according to Apple Insider.

Owners of iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS are complaining that after they update to iOS 4.0 that their batteries get sucked of power quickly in about half the time of the previous OS.  Some are blaming multitasking. These users would also like an iOS fix for their iPhones.An Apple forum member wrote, "I called Apple Support and they
suggested a full restore. My 3GS was
losing around 1% of battery every 2 minutes. There were no apps (other
than the phone) that were being multitasked. My 3GS was also running
abnormally warm whenever I did in fact multitask. Apple Support told me
that these symptoms were "probably normal" but if I wanted I could try a
full restore to see if that helped. Knowing that these problems did not
exist before iOS4, I decided to try the restore."

In other iPhone
news, iSuppli reports than an iPhone 4 costs  $187.51 to
produce, with the new "retina display" costs about $28.50 per iPhone