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Droid X Rated 4.5 out of 5 by Wireless and Mobile News Review of Reviews

Reviews of the Droid X by Motorola reveal that it is excellent and one of the hottest phones of the summer. The 4.3 inch (WVGA 854 x 480) touchscreen is referred to as gorgeous, beautiful and a knockout. The processor is speedy, making the Droid X the most powerful Android smartphone. Given Editor's Choice by PCMag, the Droid X, marks the eXcellent spot  for Wi-Fi hotspots, Bluetooth voice dialing, video/multimedia, great call quality with super noise cancellation and good to great 8 megapixel camera.

Reviewers liked that the Droid X onscreen keyboard has multi-touch hold down shift key at same time some thought the keyboard was awesome while other found it the large screen a little too big. Droid X data download speeds were excellent. Noise cancellation works well on phone calls and video recording.  The Droid X runs Android 2.1 and because it has GPS, you can use it for free Google navigation. Of course it offers email capabilities. Motorola has added Moto Blur for unified social networking that works well even though it is timed delayed for Twitter.
Some reviewers loved that the Droid X has an HMDI cable to play
video on other devices. One review, however, pointed out that the HDMI
video out cable only works with the built-in photo/video app not YouTube
or V CAST. The full HTML browser allows for up to 8 open browsers and
pinch to
zoom.  DROID X
owners  get Android 2.2 and Adobe Flash
Player 10.1 with an over-the-air update in the latter half of the
summer as well as an update the faster FroYo Android 2.2.

customers who have contracts ending by 12/31/2010 are elligible for an
upgrade without penalty.  DROID X by Motorola
will be available online
and in Verizon Wireless Communications Stores beginning July 15 for
after a $100 mail-in rebate with a new two-year customer agreement.
Don't forget to use the
Instant Phone Rebate Only Available with Online Purchase

coupon-link to avoid waiting for a rebate (after you try it out in the


has had considerable success with the Droid line
of smartphones the well-reviewed
HTC Droid Incredible continually sells out and does not ship for
a few weeks. There have been shortages of the high-end components
smartphones need, we're thinking if Droid X does neXt for your
smarphone, you may want to order it at 12:01 am July 15 online

Sascha Segan at PCMag rated the Droid X 4.5 out of 5 because it is THE most powerful Android smartphone. He liked the speedy processor,Wi-Fi hotspots, Bluetooth voice dialing, excellent reception and noise cancellation. It may be too big for some and if you don't want Moto Blur, you are stuck with it.  He called the Droid X excellent and a little excessive. He gave it Editor's Choice. He called the screen beautiful, the keyboard adequate, and Swype great for everything except urls and passwords. Data download speeds were excellent and he expects battery life to be better than Evo.The Moto Bllur automatic mix of Twitter and Facebook is great but messages can be a bit stale. The 1-GHz TI OMAP 3630 processor is faster than the Snapdragon. Music playing is fine, the camera is one of the best and video watching is excellent. He felt cheated because the video out cable only works with the built-in photo/video app not YouTube or V CAST.

Bonnie Cha at CNET rated the Droid X 4 out 5, for gorgeous touchscreen, video, 8 MP camera, HDMI out and Wi-Fi hotspot. She doesn't like the sluggishness of the camera, Moto Blur and absence of front facing camera. She found the SWYPE keyboard accurate/quick and the standard Android onscreen keyboard awesome. It felt solid overall. The buttons are true physical mechanical, not screen. Moto Blur is less evasive and more refined. Video recording includes sound noise cancellation. The camera has effects, dual LED flash and 720 p video capture. It come with 8GB of onboard storage along with a 16GB microSD card, which can hande 32GB cards making it possible for
40GB of storage. Other features include Bluetooth, 3G, GPS, and integrated Wi-Fi. Call quality was great. Some data calls dropped. Photo quality was mixed.

Ginny Miles at PC World rated the Droid X 4.5 out of 5 for it's beautiful 4.3 inch display and intuitive software as well as multimedia playback, network performance and features.  She called the Droid X the one of the hottest phones to debut this summer, but found performance sluggish at times. She liked the rubberized back and buttons, finding the design elegant. She misses the kickstand of the HTC EVO 4G. The 4.3-inch, WVGA 854-by-480-resolution display is a knockout. She found the multi-touch onscreen keyboard natural and Swype useful.  The 8 megapixel camera is respectable.  She found it to be speedy and  call quality good.