iPhone 4 Death Grip, Grips Internet, Death 2 iPhone 4 Attenuation, Apple Care Won't Help No Free Bumpers

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The beloved iPhone 4 that is expected to come to Verizon next year, is not perfect, there is some attenuation and signal loss if you hold it near its steel-rimmed bottom-left corner, especially if you’re using the iPhone 4 in a weak signal area, this problem is referred to as “death grip.“  To improve reception Apple put the antenna in a metal rim to improve reception. There have been reports that the reception of the iPhone 4 has better reception than previous iPhones.

Yesterday, we showed several videos of different phones with the same attenuation problems.  Everyone, likes to put a “death grip” and gripe about iPhone 4 problems.

Yahoo! trends shows iPhone Death Grip as rising,  while Google is showing massive increases in iPhone 4 search signal strength.

Leaked internal documents show Apple care people how to deal with callers complaining about the iPhone 4 Death Grip:
1. Note that is the best reception of any iPhone yet.
2. Gripping almost any mobile phone in certain places will reduce its
reception. This is true of the iPhone 4, the iPhone 3GS, and many other
phones we have tested. It is a fact of life in the wireless world.
3.If you are experiencing this on your iPhone 3GS, avoid covering the
bottom-right side with your hand.
4. If you are experiencing this on your iPhone 4, avoid covering the
black strip in the lower-left corner of the metal band.
5. A bumper or case may help.

It goes on to instruct employees to not perform warranty service, to still trouble shoot, only escalate if the problem happens when there is no hand over the and there will be no free rubber bumpers from Apple.

Kershaw, Cutter & Ratinoff in Sacramento want to file a class
action lawsuit to make more money off it. They have a request up at
their website: 

If you recently purchased the new iPhone and have
experienced poor
reception quality, dropped calls and weak signals, we would like
to hear from you.

We can't figure out where
the term "Phone Death Grip" came from, perhaps it is derived from
"iPhone killer." It first appeared last Thursday on June 24.

complaints of the iPhone death grip include, "Simply holding the phone
in landscape or holding it on both sides during
texting can result in text messages not being sent having picked up the
phone with what looks like full reception (all bars)."

Problems seem to be worse in heavily populated areas such as this one in Los Angeles
"I've found the Death Grip corresponds to the 'searching' icon .
As long as that is spinning, no data seems to come in or out. If I'm
trying to make a call, it fails. If I'm on a call, it drops. If I'm
trying to open a Website, it can't access the internet. Even if I just
grip momentarily, it can take 30 seconds to a minute before
functionality returns." from Los Angeles.

The iPhone 4 costs
to make and has glue
glitches .
The iPhone 4 death grip has a macabre suicide angle, several Foxconn employees have killed themselves, one who lost an iPhone prototype due to iPhone 4 death grip stress. Employees work six day weeks for 12 hours a day. Steve Jobs noted that Foxconn is not a sweatshop because it has swimming pools and restaurants.

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