Hold Your Nokia Phone Anyway U Like, Nokia Edges Out iPhone 4, Hand Signal Loss Videos Disprove Nokia


Nokia claims to have proven that not all phones have gripping/holding attenuation problems like the new iPhone 4 G. However, YouTube videos show signal loss from hand holding on several devices including Android and Nokia phones.

Nokia identified four ways to hold your phone, "the thumb and finger", "the cup "(like holding a cup,) "the balance on the pinky" and "four-edge grip."

Nokia found that any of the four grips mentioned above to be both comfortable
and offer no signal degradation whatsoever. Nokia notes that it is something that's been a part of pretty much every Nokia device ever made
(perhaps with the exception of that teardrop 3G.)

There may be more tear drops from Nokia when they view the videos that disprove their contentions.

On the other hand, if you go over to YouTube or you play with
any phone you own, and look at the signal strength moving your fingers
around you can see a loss in signal strength. YouTube videos show the  Droid
, Nexus One, Nokia E71, Nokia 6230
and Nokia 6720, experiencing signal degradation and loss by
movements and hand covering.

With a Nokia E71 the signal strength is better upside down
and loses bars when fingers are on the back of the phone. To be fair,
the Nokia 6230 is a six-year old phone and could have signal
problems for another reason.

Here of signal drops when holding
various handsets: