iPhone and BlackBerry Top Phones, Opera Primetime, Americans Night Owls

Opera Browsing.JPGNo matter where you are in the world or who you are 8 p.m. to midnight are the day's prime mobile browsing hours.  In prime time there is a disproportionate
amount of mobile data consumption and little difference in data consumption between weekdays and
weekends, reports the latest State of the Mobile Web from Opera.

Americans are night owls, compared to users in the other top 10 countries, users in the United
States are more likely to be browsing with Opera Mini between midnight
and 4 a.m. Brits are the earliest browsers.

  • Compared
    to users in the other top 10 countries, users in the United
    Kingdom are more likely to be browsing with Opera Mini between 4 a.m.
    and noon.
  • The least amount of mobile browsing is done in the
    early morning (when most people are asleep), between midnight and 8 a.m.
  • The difference in Opera Mini usage during peak hours versus
    hours varies in each country. The biggest difference is noticeable in
    Vietnam (27% between 8 p.m. and midnight versus 9% between midnight and 4

The iPhone remained the top phone followed by BlackBerry, Lotus and the
Samsung Instinct.
Opera Top handsets for May 2010
1. Apple iPhone
BlackBerry 8330 ("Curve")
3. BlackBerry 9700 ("Bold")
4. LG LX600
5. Samsung SPH M810 ("Instinct s30")
6. BlackBerry 9630
7. BlackBerry 9000 ("Bold")
8. BlackBerry 8520 ("Curve")
Samsung SPH M800 ("Instinct")
10. BlackBerry 8900 ("Curve")

Overall Mobile Web Stats

  • In May 2010, Opera Mini had over 61.4 million users, a 4.2% increase
    from April 2010. Since May 2009, the number of unique users has
    increased 142.0%.
  • Opera Mini users viewed over 28.3 billion
    pages in May 2010. Since
    April, page views have gone up 7.7%. Since May 2009, page views have
    increased 193.8%.
  • In May 2010, Opera Mini users generated over
    433 million MB of data
    for operators worldwide. Since April, the data consumed went up by 8.8%.
    Data in Opera Mini is compressed up to 90%. If this data were
    uncompressed, Opera Mini users would have viewed over 4.0 petabytes of
    data in May. Since May 2009, data traffic is up 171.8%.
  • Indonesia
    passed Russia to claim the top spot for Opera Mini usage,
    Nigeria jumped ahead of Ukraine, and South Africa leaped ahead of the
    United States. After the changes, the top 10 countries for Opera Mini
    usage in May 2010 were: Indonesia, Russia, India, China, Nigeria,
    Ukraine, South Africa, the United States, Vietnam and the United