iPhone, BlackBerry Curve and Droid Top Smartphones, Android Explodes, Says Millennial Media

TopMObilephonesmill.JPGAndroid is growing exponentially according the the latest Millennial Nedia report. Although Apple’s iPhone is the top mobile phone at 24.32% it’s follwed by the BackBerry Curve and Motorola Droid. Shopping app usage increased, most likely for Back-to-School shopping and smartphones usage increased.

The Android OS continued its huge growth on the Millennial network, and grew another 47% month-over-month. Since January, Android has grown 690%. Android also officially became the number two OS on the Millennial network (surpassing RIM.)

The Motorola Droid moved into the top three in July’s Top 20 Mobile Phones with 5% impression share. The Motorola Cliq Android device also entered into the Top 20 for the first time this month.

Apple ad requests increased 24% month-over-month, but are actually down 15% since January.
iPad ad requests grew 327% month-over-month.

BlackBerry apps represented 11% of the US Developer Platform Usage
Mix. This was a increase of 9%, and represents the increased importance
app developers are placing on the RIM platform.

Shopping and retail apps entered into the top 10 Mobile App Channels, perhaps reflecting a potential back-to-school trend.

Smartphones and connected devices increased their impression share
7%, and now represent 68% of the total impression share. This is an
example of the continued demand consumers have for a rich media
experience they cannot get on a feature phone.

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