Facebook in Top Ten Android, BlackBerry, Palm & iPhone Apps; Pandora in Most


Distimo examined all kinds of apps in their latest app report. They surveyed BlackBerry App World (worldwide), Google Android Market, Nokia Ovi Store, Palm App Catalog and Windows Marketplace for Mobile for July 2010 in the United States. Android apps are the cheapest priced. iPad apps are more expensive than iPhone apps.

Google Android Market has the largest share of free applications
available: 60%, representing an increase of 3% since May 2010 when it was
57%. The share of free applications is smallest on Windows Marketplace for Mobile (22%), followed by the Apple App Store for iPad (26%) and BlackBerry app World (26%).

The most interesting aspect of the report is the list of top ranked apps for each market. Facebook appears on Android, BlackBerry, Palm and iPhone lists; Pandora landed on Android, Palm and BlackBerry. Most of the top free apps for iPhone are games.

Highest Ranked Free Apps for Android.

  1. Pandora Radio.
  2. Google Maps.
  3. T-Mobile My Account.
  4. Google Sky Map.
  5. Facebook for Android.
  6. Advanced Task Killer.
  7. The Weather Channel.
  8. MySpace Mobile.
  9. Twitter.
  10. Barcode Scanner from ZXing Team.

Highest Ranked Free Apps BlackBerry App World (Worldwide, July 2010)

  1. BlackBerry Messenger.
  2. Pandora.
  3. Poynt.
  4. Sea Storm Animated Theme [FREE].
  5. crunchSMS.
  6. Facebook from Research In Motion.
  7. ScoreMobile.
  8. Call Control Blacklist Lite.
  9. WeatherEye.
  10.  QuickPull Free.

Highest Ranked Free Apps for  Apple App Store for iPhone (US, July 2010)

  1. Type n Talk.
  2. iBooks from Apple.
  3. Jailbreaker.
  4. Zombie Duck Hunt game.
  5. Spawn Glow [FREE] game.
  6. Talking Tom Cat Outfit7 game.
  7. Police Chase [FREE] game.
  8. Facebook.
  9. Tap Fish: Exotic game.
  10. Mr. Space!! game.

Highest Ranked Free Apps in Palm App Catalog (US, July 2010)

  1. pRingtones.
  2. Pandora Radio.
  3. Facebook P.
  4. Photo Effects.
  5. Checkers.
  6. Convert.
  7. The Weather Channel.
  8. Vuvuzela.
  9. What's for Dinner? 
  10. Mazer Chofter.com.

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Distimo also found:

  • The average price of the 100 most popular applications in Google
    Android Market and Palm App Catalog is higher than the average price of
    the entire catalog of applications.
  • While the average price of all applications is only 16% higher in
    the Apple App Store for iPad than in the Apple App Store for iPhone, the
    average price of the 100 most popular applications is nearly three
    times as high in the Apple App Store for iPad.
  • Paid applications are priced lowest in Google Android Market, Nokia Ovi Store and Palm App Catalog.
  • The top three cross-store publishers that publish applications in
    multiple stores are Gameloft, Electronic Arts and Handmark, Inc.
  • In the Apple App Store for iPad, BlackBerry App World and Windows
    Marketplace for Mobile, the respective companies that run each
    application store are the top publishers in their own store with only a
    limited number of applications.
  • The top grossing publisher in the Apple App Store for iPhone is
    Electronic Arts, which publishes free and paid applications as well as
    applications with in-app purchases.