iPhone, BlackBerry Android an' Droid SXSW App Channel: Twitter UberGuide to SXSW Channel

Twidroyd.jpgIf you want to know what everyone is tweeting about at the South by Southwest Festival in Austin, Texas, you can find out with UberGuide to SXSW in the Channels section of
UberMedia's mobile Twitter clients, UberSocial and Twidroyd for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry.  The channel includes information from Mashable attendees, influential Austin media, party streams of Tweets, places to eat and events.

The channel will
run until the end of South by Southwest on March 20.
UberGuide to SXSW will include topic streams of:

  • "Mashable Coverage" will follow Mashable's staff as they attend
    panels, gear up for #MashHouse events and converse with other SXSW
    Interactive attendees.
  • "Essential Austin" will include Tweets from local media, bloggers and
    influential personalities.
  • "Parties" will stream tweets from major SXSW events and Austin bars.
  • "Food Trux 'n' Trailers" will cover one of the most popular features
    of SXSW - the great independent food scene in Austin.
  • "Interactive," "Music" and "Film" will cover all of the exciting
    events related to these three key parts of the festival.

"We're really excited to partner with Mashable to deliver this content
to the millions of users of UberSocial and Twidroyd," said Jon Kraft,
COO of UberMedia.  "If you can't make it to Austin, the UberGuide to SXSW
will give you a sense of being a part of this amazing event.  And if
you're there, you'll be able to get all the latest news and info, check
out the great parties, and find the most popular food trucks."

The UberGuide to SXSW is available exclusively on UberMedia's Twitter
clients.  Users can find download instructions for UberSocial at www.ubersocial.com
and Twidroyd at www.twidroyd.com.